by Bill Link, on 11/16/23 7:00 AM

The corrugated packaging industry has always been at the forefront of sustainable practices. Whether it's recycling old boxes or minimizing waste during the manufacturing process, there's an innate desire to …

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by Bill Link, on 11/9/23 7:00 AM

The paper-based packaging industry, for years, enjoyed a relatively stable and predictable landscape. Manufacturers knew what to expect and could easily forecast prices, manage margins, and predict profitability. The COVID-19 …

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by Bill Link, on 10/17/23 11:10 AM

Forward-thinking packaging companies are recognizing that “machine learning” is no longer just a buzzword or a far-off futuristic concept—it's a transformative force that is reshaping the industry right now. At …

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by Bill Link, on 10/17/23 9:47 AM

Implementing technology to revolutionize a traditional role and make it more appealing to a younger workforce. In today's fast-paced digital age, attracting Gen Z and Millennial workers to traditional roles …

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by Bill Link, on 8/11/23 8:00 AM

A Breakthrough in Load and Route Planning, Powered by Machine Learning Fort Washington, PA - Amtech, a leading provider of software solutions for the corrugated packaging industry, today announced the …

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by Bill Link, on 7/13/23 3:34 PM

Packaging has a paper problem...but it isn't what you think. Boxboard and containerboard supplies notwithstanding, there's another less visible, but equally pressing issue at hand — the paper trail that …

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