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This means our code has been and is continually audited by an independent firm, Veracode, and is verified to ensure the software that runs your business is as secure as possible.

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Latest Web-BasedTechnology

Latest Web-Based Technology

EnCore is the latest, fastest performing, web-based, integrated ERP/MEP on the market. Retaining all of the Imaginera business logic, users can access it from anywhere, 24x7, providing for true mobility within your business without dated terminal service access.   Created utilizing the latest Microsoft Technologies, we are able to easily add and integrate new solutions for improved business management and growth while continuing to enhance EnCore for our customers. Additionally, modules are in one suite making it easy for customers to quickly and seamlessly maintain and update their system.


Automated Workflows

Take collaboration to a new level with full collaboration from request to production. Your sales department can electronically enter designs, samples and pricing requests from the road…utilizing the power of a mobile work environment. Have price requests seamlessly move from department-to- department, all the while keeping sales apprised of its status until completion. With automated alerts, your team can stay on-time and respond faster to events. Shorten your pre-production cycles and improve quality which creates happy customers and improved profits.


Electronic Quality Management

Enhance the management of current quality processes by taking events such as a simple complaint, request for credit, or returned goods and expediting resolution with an integrated CAPA management process. Alerts are served to users in screens such as customer, ship-to-order, inventory item, spec and PDE. This makes the NCR & RGA process simple and quick for your business and customers while wrapping it with alerts to prevent future quality issues.


Integrated Scheduling:
Converting & Corrugated

Amtech’s Smart Scheduling Suite integrated into the EnCore Eco-System delivers an integrated solution that automates scheduling efforts through a leading algorithm that takes into consideration the customers due date and time then generates and serves the best run schedule to your scheduler based on your unique business needs, historical run information, potential quality issues, inventory, machine availability, and minimum board specs.

Integration EskoWebcenter Artios CADDigital Press

Integration: Esko WebCenter, Artios, CAD, Digital Press

The EnCore API structure allows you to seamlessly integrate with other systems such as Esko WebCenter, Artios, digital press systems and much more.  With total integration, your organization can deliver and receive data more effectively and streamline operations.

Visual AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence

Visual Analytics:
Business Intelligence

If you are looking to take analytics and reporting to the next level, you can leverage Amtech’s Visual Analytics that is already built into EnCore and ready to be turned on.  This valuable solution provides a data warehouse that allows you to aggregate and sort through multiple layers of data from multiple systems to produce up-to-date reports, dashboards, charts, analysis and visualizations of business current business performance.  Eliminate the need for other report writing systems or expensive BI tools that only provides a piece of what is needed for complete and proactive business management.

On Premise orCloud HostingYour Choice

On-Premise or Cloud Hosting:  
Your Choice

As businesses evaluate their financial strategy when it comes to IT equipment, Amtech supports both a capital or an operational approach.   With EnCore existing on a web-based backbone, customers have the option to now host their environment in the cloud with web-based access. With our cloud-hosting and managed IT services, we can not only provide the equipment and software from within our environment, we can manage and update your software keeping your focus and energy on running your business and not your infrastructure. 

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Quick installation
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Seamless user adoption
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