Visual Analytics

Amtech’s Visual Analytics is a management focused solution that collects then serves valuable business intelligence from our entire family of solutions in real-time, it allows you to make decisions improving business performance and success. An aggregation tool that sorts through multiple layers of data, Visual Analytics delivers to you canned and custom dashboards, eliminating the need for multiple systems to produce reports from stale, out-of-date data. Leverage information that is easy to understand and up-to-the-moment simply provided to you through intuitive views.


Now Veracode Verified

This means our code has been and is continually audited by an independent firm, Veracode, and is verified to ensure the software that runs your business is as secure as possible.

Holistic &Glbal Views

Holistic & Global Views

  • Single plant or entire operations
Eliminate MultipleReporting Systems

Eliminate Multiple Reporting Systems

  • Gain insight from a single, efficient system rather than several  
Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

  • Stop looking at information that is already outdated
  • Ensure your information is up-to-date and reliable 
Dashboards and Analytics
Holistic & Global Views
Single Plant or Entire Operations
Drill Down Dashboards
Eliminate Multiple Reporting Systems
Gain Insight from a Single System Instead of Many
Analytics and Reporting
Real-Time Data
Stop Looking at Information that is Already Outdated

Analyze. Predict. Take Action.


Easy-to-Understand Canned Dashboards
Dashboards can be Customized for Your Business Needs
Holistic Views-Single Plant or Entire Operations
No Need for Multiple Systems to Produce Reports
Real-Time Business Intelligence of Performance... Not Just Stats
Business Intelligence for Making the Best Decisions


Root Cause Analysis and Correction
Cost Containment and Revenue Maximization
Account/Prospect Loss/Growth Comparisons
Business Sector Focus Analysis
Evaluate Your Equipment and Staff Optimization
Review Your Customer's Satisfaction
Evaluate Management Performance

Business Intelligence to Make Decisions.

Monitor information such as customer risk analysis (complaints and deliveries), sales trend analysis, contribution and profit, watch list of customers, quote hit analysis and sales team performance.  Spot opportunities and quickly make decisions to drive sales, revenue, and profits upward.
Finance 1
Stay ahead of important areas like proactive credit management (aging and exposure), profit and loss trends, financial ratios, job cost analysis by plant and product type.  Make sense of your business financial performance so your business can make money.  Determine the best way to leverage your capital and expenditure budget.
Have a birds-eye view of plant floor performance with data demonstrating downtime and machine utilization, detailed waste tracking, visual speed and efficiency charts, estimated versus actual machine performance, and more.  Take action and make adjustments faster to maximize every efficiency within your operations.
Gain insight into your backlog and spot trends that make forecasting simple. Visualize efficiency anomalies and drill-down to root cause. Visual Analysis for Scheduling ensures you always have actionable data at your fingertips.
View your delivery fleet in real-time with estimated time of arrivals (ETA) by truck and trip, real-time truck locations on a visual map, on-time deliveries, short shipment tracker, etc.   Satisfy your customer needs with fast response to information and better manage the logistics of your operations.  
Full integration
Full Integration
Integrated into Amtech’s ERP Eco-System, every point of information is delivered to you for easy analysis of your entire Amtech-powered operation. With real-time information, not near-time, and with full integration instead of limited interfaces, you have the business intelligence to make immediate decisions for your business.

Curious about Cyber Security?

Data Warehouse

Take it one step further with Amtech’s Data Warehouse*, where you can integrate with third party systems into our powerful repository which delivers to you a global and holistic view of your entire operation. Now, impactful decisions can be made to increase profits and drive revenue with greater confidence.

The largest, centralized repository of integrated data in the packaging industry, the repository delivers vital information from multiple data sources that is optimized with analytics for effective business management. Amtech’s Data Warehouse enables you to look across your entire operation, via visuals, to determine why something has happened and allow you to implement changes then stay ahead of future trends. This is business intelligence created specifically for the corrugated industry which can easily be fine-tuned to the needs of your plant, your business, and your decisions.

Secure: Multiple levels of security and access provides users with location, role-based, and departmentalized security where users can analyze data particular to subject areas that are important and necessary for them such as “sales” or “production”.

Flexible: The platform delivers endless possibilities for reporting and alerts. Users can set up data pushes for information when they want and how they need it. Combined with dashboards, all information is analyzed and considered for making valuable decisions.

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