Scheduling Solutions:  Shipment Planning

By providing shipping personnel with access to accurate production information, displaying all stages of the production lifecycle, shipping can generate shipment plans with the right information. Whether your plant operates on a push or pull philosophy, Shipping Planning communicates your plans in real-time to every group in the plant. Your customers who use Amtech’s Customer Care Portal will also see this accurate data real-time.

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Schedule & ManageTrailer Shipments

Schedule & Manage Trailer Shipments

  • Easily make adjustments across multiple days
Improve Overall Fleet Management

Improve Overall Fleet Management

  • With real-time, electronic information
View DetailedProduction andShipping

View Detailed Production and Shipping Data

  • Order was produced, loaded, shipped and trailer

Accurate Production Information

Shipping Scheduling


  • Generate accurate shipping plans that ensure on-time delivery.
  • Correctly load and balance trucks and optimize trip mileage saving money in logistical delivery.
  • Communicate shipping plans and changes in near-time.
  • Decrease manual plan reworks optimizing your shipping department’s time.
  • Delivering product on-time to your customers.

Generate Shipping Plans

Order Browsing

Order Browsing

Shipping personnel and other users outside the shipping office can easily view information, limited through specified criteria, to view detailed production and shipping data including when the order was produced, loaded, shipped, and what trailer it was on.

Schedule of shipments

Schedule of Shipments

Shipping personnel can appropriately schedule trailers and drivers based on data delivered through the system.  This provides real-time, electronic visibility into trailer and driver utilization improving overall cost management.  Detailed shipping plans reflect optimized requirements for delivering goods on-time and at the least expense.  Additionally, having trailers docked and ready when the product arrives in shipping saves both the labor and potential added waste of double handling. 


Shipment Balance

Shipment Balance

The system provides for better trailer balancing by allowing the user to schedule and manage trailer shipments across multiple days and to easily make adjustments when the production schedule is changed.  Information coming from the Amtech Corrugator and Converting Scheduling systems, is provided in real-time to Shipment Planning and any changes are immediately displayed.  This allows a complete plant plan that is communicated to all employees in real-time. 

Automatic TrailerUpdating

Automatic Trailer Updating

The system will automatically update your trailer based on the days run in real-time.  It considers "A to B" positions and provides instant feedback allowing your shipping department to look at "what-if" scenarios.  This ensures the most effective trailer planning and melds the experience of the shipper with computer smarts. 

Pick ListManagement

Pick List Management

Visual "pick list" displays provide up-to-date shipping and production information directly to the loaders.  This allows for electronic communication of job duties to the fork truck drivers directly from the shipping plant. 

Real TimeInformation

Real-Time Information

From unit-level inventory inquiries to loading and shipping status to detailed order information, all information is tightly integrated and delivered in . real-time, not near-time, to the user.  Shipping can view individual and unit-level production for any . given order along with release, specification, work center, and messaging information.  Shipping Managers can also review and understand stats and trends regarding on-time deliveries and trailer utilization.  Your front office can manage and monitor shipping status' and customers can view their order status through their Amtech Customer Care Portal.  All of this information, in real-time, for accurate decision making and effective business management. 

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