ScoreKeeper is a machine agnostic solution that provides accurate, real-time information and minimizes data entry by the machine operator. Real-time data (such as machine speed or kicks per minute) is recorded automatically in real time. The result is that you can see the actual state of the machine whether it is in setup or running or down, how long it has been in setup, the speed at which it is running, etc. You do not have to wait for the operator to input the job state or the number of pieces. Also provided is a detailed chronology of events for the machine such as when the operator logged in and started the machine, the orders ran, the states for each order as they are running, the setup time, speeds, and downtime. The server provides the information in the form of dashboards at the supervisor's or manager's desktop or tablet.

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Improve Motivation and Efficiency

  • With real-time data and measurements


Any Discreet Manufacturing Processes

  • Inside or outside of packaging manufacturing

Machine Agnostic

  • For anything to be counted by piece or linearly



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Count Anything by Piece or Linearly

Score Keeper


  • Works with any machinery or MIS system.
  • Automated and accurate data and measurements in real-time.
  • Improve operational efficiency and crew motivation.
  • Have the right information to determine the true cost and profitability of an order. 
  • Motivate crews with up-to-the second run rates vs. goals.
  • View trends and detect production issues to quickly make adjustments.
  • Manage waste by understanding counts on number of sheets/pieces used during setup and pieces actually ran.
  • Proactively guide your operations with reports that can be automatically emailed or viewed on your browser.
  • Automatically obtain accurate information in real-time on machine speeds, setup time, and downtime so that you can determine the true cost of an order which results in the determination of order profitability. 


The system utilizes standard, off-the-shelf components supplied by Amtech. In order to minimize installation costs, wireless components are also available.

Standard Items Provided by Amtech

  • One enclosure with PLC (per machine center) with termination points for hard-wired inputs.
  • One TV display appliance (per machine center)
  • One PC database collection server (per plant)

Items normally sourced by the Client

  • One desktop or tablet PC (per machine center)
  • One large format TV monitor (per machine center)

Optional Interfaces

In the event there is a desire to use setup and run speeds from the plant floor or business system, a link is provided to obtain this information and is incorporated into the dashboards, displays, and reports.



  • Machine Speeds
  • Kicks per Minute
  • Lineal
  • Setup/Run/Down Times by Order
  • Order State
  • Up-Time Detail
  • Average Run Rate
  • Average Speed by Order
  • Shrink Waste
  • Shift Summary by Machine
  • Pieces/Sheets Actually Ran
  • Pieces/Sheets Completed
  • Efficiency (OEE)

If Connected to MIS System:

  • Pieces/Sheets Delivered
  • Sheets Fed
  • Order/Lineup Information



For Any Discreet Manufacturing Process


Downtime Monitoring

When the machine is down the operator selects the reason for the downtime on a tablet or computer at the machine from a plant defined list of reasons. These reasons will show up on the chronology of events and in a report of down-times. You can determine ways in which downtime can be reduced so that you can maximize up-time.


Visual Performance Monitoring

The actual state of the machine can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone at any time. A large format Scoreboard at each machine displays pertinent numbers for the operating crew in vivid colors so that they are aware of their performance vs goals and motivates them to improve.


Downtime Alerts

You can get alerts from the Scorekeeper on downtime events (for example greater than 10 minutes) or setup time events via email or smartphone messages. This permits you to manage by exception.



The performance of the machine is summarized in the form of shift reports. Orders ran, the specifics for each order, the efficiencies(production/up-time/waste), Downtime is shown in the form of a pie chart and detailed lists of downtime reasons are also available. Machine OEE is also calculated by using the individual efficiencies. In addition, reports can show historical metrics for the past year. All report data can be extracted to Excel for further analysis.

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