Improve Through Automation

  • Improve productivity with machine speed increases and reduced downtime.
  • Cut waste from paper changes, over/under runs, and partially consumed rolls.
  • Reduce paper waste due to warp and delamination.
  • Increase operating efficiencies by automating speed and quality controls.
  • Lower maintenance costs and improve total cost of ownership.
  • Control metering of roll gaps and optimize board exit temperatures.
  • Increase convertibility of sheets off the corrugator resulting in higher plant through-put.
  • Simplify corrugator operations for the wet-end crew making them more productive.
  • Gain insight into true operational circumstances such as downtime events.
  • Proactively identify and address issues to prevent operational impact.
  • Motivate crews and promote communications.
  • Maximize uptime and performance.

Production Controls

Sync Corrugator Wet/Dry End Speeds
Maintain Target Bridge Volume
Automate Synchronized Splicing
Roll Management Options
Optimize Corrugator Speed
Control Splice Cycle Speed
Initiate Automatic Order Change
Trace Roll Stock Consumption
Robust Reporting
Industry Standard Components
Remote Monitoring


Improve Productivity (8%-12%)
Cut Waste (.25-.50%)
Control Usage
Increase Splicer Efficiency
Gain Insight into Speed Analysis
Simple to Maintain & Support

Quality Controls

Centerlines Machine for Board
Automate Centerline Settings
Board Flatness Correction
Industry Standard Components
Modular & Flexible for Growth
Become Predictive to Changes
Remote Monitoring
-System Usage
-Quality Measurements
-Temperature Settings
-Glue Bap

Surface Operational Inefficiencies
Correct Cross Warp
Adapt to Paper Quality Changes
Ensure Quality Run-to-Run
Easy to Maintain & Support
Automate Manual Tasks
Corrugated Board 2resized5

Board Quality Management

Automatic Measurements
Sheet Dimensions-Length/Width
Sheet Warp-Cross/End-to-End
Every Stack Off Corrugator
"Go"/"No Go" Messages
Digital Displays
Multiple Camera/Laser Pairs
High Resolution Images
Precise Calibration
Overhead Mounting
Searchable, Historical Records
-Quality Measurements
-Goal Attainments
-Board Grade Specifics

Simplify Stacker Operations
Resolve Customer Queries
Quantify Quality Measurements
Proactively Manage Issues

Moisture Management

Steam Delivery System
Single or Dual Sided Applicator
Designed for Existing Line
Patented Zone Control Valves
Control Moisture
6" Across Web
No Condensation Exterior Applicator
Evacuation System for Steam Removal


Stable/Lay-Flat Boards
Deliver 1%-3% to Web
Eliminate Curl
Lower Energy Consumption
Remove Fugitive Steam
Reduce TCO & Maintenance Costs
Sales 1-1-2-1

Corrugator Digital Signage

Two-Sided Displays
Array of Fonts/Sizes
Clear Visibility-150 Feet
Automated Resets
Language Customization
User-defined Messaging
Web Enabled
-Machine Speed
-Shift Average Speed
-Goal Speed
-Shift Downtime
-Number of Stops
-Shift Lineal
-Lineal to Next Paper Change


Motivate Your Crews
Focus on Results
Promote Communications

Product Counts

Machine Agnostic
Anything Counted by Piece/Linearly/Takt
Any Discreet Manufacturing Process
True Cost of Order Determination
Information in Real-Time:
-Machine Speeds
-Setup Times
-Uptime Percentage


Improve Order Costing/Profitability
Motive Crews Through Visualization
Improve Performance
Gain Insight into Downtime Events
Maximize UpTime