Digital Signage: Corrugator

Amtech’s Corrugator Scoreboard Display enhances corrugator productivity by providing instant visibility on corrugator metrics such as speed(current, average, goal), shift lineal and lineal to the next paper change, shift downtime, number of stops, and even your own customized message. It provides up-to-the-second performance feedback by displaying different images on a configurable time basis.  Now you can deliver the crews current information on how they are performing against goals and messages tailored to your organization’s needs.

Keep you CrewMotivated

Keep your Crew Motivated

  • Display what has been accomplished

Promote Communications

  • Show your team their goals
Improve Productivityand efficiency

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

  • Keep your crew on target 

Keep Your Crew on Task


Two-sided display, multi-colored characters, array of fonts and sizes - clear visibility up to 150 feet in either direction on any large format flat screen monitor. 
Displays productivity metrics such as machine speed, shift average speed, goal speed, shift downtime and number of stops, shift lineal, and lineal to the next paper change in a customizable number of sequenced screens.
Configurable in terms of how frequently and for how long a screen is displayed in the sequence.
Resets automatically on shift changes which eliminates errors due to manual resetting.
Enables you to create your own display messages and is customizable for the local language.
Addresses the signage needs for the wet end, dry end, and roll stand.

Improve Status Communications

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