Roll Stock Management System

Amtech’s Roll Stock Management System (RMS) provides a highly optimized supply chain management solution to create a roll stock strategy. This allows you to make informed and precise purchasing decisions which will minimize costs and maximize profitability. It completely manages functions such as the decision process for what roll stock should be ordered, the ordering process itself, receiving ASNs from the mill supplier to track rolls in transit, tracking movement of individual rolls through the manufacturing process, and properly tracks the inventory availability. Encompassing all of this is an accurate, real-time roll stock inventory analytics that delivers valuable information to help your organization make more effective business decisions to decrease costs by increasing production, decreasing waste, and improving product quality.

Supply ChainManagement

Supply Chain Management

  • Improve your roll stock inventory processes
Track Movement ofRolls Through Manufacturing

Track Movement of Rolls Through Manufacturing

  • Properly categorize inventory availability
Easy & AccurateOrdering

Easy & Accurate Ordering

  • Simplify your roll tracking and receiving systems 

Roll Stock Supply Chain Solution


Proactively manage your roll stock strategy through all business changes.
Create confidence in schedules for the corrugator, converting, and shipping.
Stay ahead of inventory needs by tracking rolls, in real-time, within the plant’s four walls, and while they are in transit.
Control consumption accuracy by locking in the correct roll preventing issues with inventory control through roll stand lockout.
Hold vendors accountable by comparing actual basis weight to mill-stated standards of paper caliper and lineal feet.
Improve efficiency with real-time, precise data views into operational performance.
Provide a stop gap measure during receiving to quarantine non-conforming rolls.
Remove ambiguity from roll measurement and management against consumption and tracking.
Complete integration delivers the right information to the front office, purchasing, inventory management, and scheduling.
Strengthen management of remote location roll stock inventory.
Streamline intermodal delivery and keep your business inventory fulfillment running smoothly.
Capture and categorize waste at various steps through the process providing an accurate accounting of paper costs within the plant.

Manage Your Highest Cost Area

By developing the precise roll stock strategy your purchaser can make sure they always have the paper required without having to overstock. RMS allows for transparency and visibility into the accurate inventory for on order, in transit, and on-hand rolls allowing for better planning management. Save money and improve cash flow by ensuring you have the right paper when its needed without having cash tied up in non-moving rolls.
Front Office
Front Office
Real-time integration within the Amtech products allows for information to be immediately delivered, viewed, and acted upon at the front office. Your front office staff can pro-actively manage vendors, print roll tags, view individual roll history, produce reports to analyze and track inventory and search the entire roll stock inventory. Now your staff can address potential issues before they happen and provide immediate answers to your customers.
Clamp Truck
Clamp Truck
Your clamp driver can trust the PCR values, receive incoming inventory, and stage rolls at the right location. Wet end operators have access to real-time information so they can correctly stage inventory at the corrugator. They are able to print in-house roll tags and view important manifest information. Transit damage can be recorded at the time of receipt by the receiver and non-confirming material is prevented from moving into production. This keeps your business on track and improves vendor quality and control.
RMS delivers vital, time-stamped data to operators about roll paper characteristics (moisture, porosity, STIFI, ring crush, etc.) by simply scanning the roll ID number. It reports and categorizes waste at various steps through the process, providing an accurate accounting of paper usage within the plant down to the individual roll level. Time-stamped events facilitate subsequent reviews and enables matching of wet end consumption to dry end production for ISO traceability. An accurate roll history is maintained while keeping your operation informed.
Tag Management
Tag Management
Accurately determine the number of sheets in each stacker discharge, print load tags and provide stacker operators with order specific information for quality checks while interfacing with external systems such as corrugator dry end, sheet counters, and conveyor systems. Supporting an unlimited number of load tag formats, you are able to easily meet plant and customer requirements. Improve accuracy, reduce costs, and enhance the reputation of your business.
Roll Stand Manager
Roll Stand Manager
A single-source, non-interfaced, roll stock management solution, RMS accurately tracks consumption and inventory using automated sensors at each roll stand. In real-time, the system measures and records the lineal footage on the corrugator, quantifies the actual lineal consumed during a run, and identifies the paper remaining on the roll so you always know when a splice occurs. Eliminate issues caused by human error, prevent vendor mistakes, and stop trying to manage multiple systems.
Roll StockReplenishmentAdvisor
Roll Stock Replenishment Advisor
A web-based tool, the Roll Stock Replenishment Advisor recommends what inventory to procure and when. Operating in a totally integrated environment and in real-time, the system utilizes intelligence to evaluate areas such as: run rates vs. consumption and roll stock pipeline then makes recommendations. This allows you to stay ahead of problems, expedite placed orders, and proactively know when to have orders delivered.
RMS delivers immediate visibility into board upgrades that adapt to order specifications and inventory on hand. Alerts sent to leadership and operators about the insertion of upgraded/ incorrect rolls provides for immediate decisions to control spiraling upgrade and/or “ghost” costs. Stay proactive with managing your business’s highest cost area.
Data Analytics andBusiness Intelligence
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Your operations can be assured of the accuracy of roll stock inventory and improve operating efficiencies in the areas of roll stock receiving, storage, removal, consumption, and inventory control through accurate, real-time information in an integrated environment. Maximize your investment in roll stock inventory through an optimized roll stock strategy, improve waste reporting, consumption measurement, and inventory tracking.

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