Keep your data protected

Regardless of an on-premise or cloud-hosted infrastructure, it is vital that your
environment is regularly assessed for vulnerability, the right solutions are deployed,
and users are properly educated. 


Secure YourNetworks
Secure Your Networks
Protect YourValuable Data
Protect Your Valuable Data
Avoid Costly Breaches &Accidental Leaks
Avoid Costly Breaches & Accidental Leaks
Leverage Industry CISSPCertified Experts
Leverage Industry CISSP Certified Experts

Now more than ever, it's important to keep your network protected.

Our diverse set of cyber products and services will enhance your security posture and protect your technology environment to prevent and/or minimize the impact of ongoing cyber-threats.

Security Vulnerability Testing & Assessments
Deploy & Manage Ongoing Data Security
Protection & Solutions
Data Encryption Solutions
✓ Spam Filtering/
Website Blocking
✓ Cyber-Security Monitoring
and Remediation
End-User Education

Did you know?

(source:  CSO Online)

80% of Reported Security Incidents are “Phishing Attacks”

Percentage Bars New-01

60% of Breaches are from Vulnerability Where Patch Not Applied

Percentage Bars New-02

94% of Malware is Delivered via Email

Percentage Bars New-03

63% Companies-Data Compromise in Last 12 Months (Hardware Issue/Silicon-Level Breech)

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The Solution:
Cisco AMP Anti-Malware Protection & Threat Monitoring


Intergrated CloudSolution
Integrated Cloud Solution
All Endpoints(Servers-Computers-Mobile)
All Endpoints (Servers - 
Computers - 
Mobile Devices)
Leverage CiscoThreat Cloud
Leverage Cisco Threat Cloud
Continual Updates withLatest Malware Threats Virus Strains
Continual Updates with Latest Malware Threats/Virus Strains
Exhibits LearnedBehavior throughMonitored File Activity
Exhibits Learned Behavior Through Monitored File Activity
Ongoing ThreatMonitoring-SharedMontly Analysis
Ongoing Threat Monitoring-Shared Monthly Analysis
Established DeviceTrust
Establishes Device Trust
Defend Users &Devices-On or OffNetwork
Defend Users & Devices-On or Off Network

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