Sustainable Package Manufacturing: Spotlight on ScrapTrakker

by Bill Link, on 11/16/23 7:00 AM

Corrugated Packaging Scrap Bales

The corrugated packaging industry has always been at the forefront of sustainable practices. Whether it's recycling old boxes or minimizing waste during the manufacturing process, there's an innate desire to minimize the environmental impact of the industry. The introduction of innovative tools and technologies further solidifies the industry's commitment to these ideals. One such product is Amtech’s ScrapTrakker. 

The Problem of Waste 

Waste generation is a significant concern in any manufacturing industry. Even with the best practices, there will always be some degree of waste created. However, the corrugated packaging industry has taken significant steps to not only minimize this waste but to efficiently manage and recycle it. Proper waste management not only safeguards our environment but also helps recover costs and improve profitability. 

Amtech’s ScrapTrakker: A Sustainable Solution 

ScrapTrakker stands as a testament to the industry's dedication to sustainability. At its core, it's a system that integrates with a facility's existing waste processes to meticulously track and manage waste. From identifying the volume by date, time, shift, location, type, and cause to interfacing directly with scales to weigh waste accurately, it leaves no stone unturned. 

What sets the ScrapTrakker apart: 

  1. Advanced Technology: The use of touchscreen and barcode technologies ensures ease of use on the plant floor and minimizes human errors. Automated bale tags and bills of lading streamline the documentation process and ensure fast, effective reporting. 
  1. In-depth Analytics: Beyond just tracking, the system offers insights into the root cause of waste, helping facilities understand controllable waste and recover lost dollars. Management can leverage this data to develop best practices, ensuring both short-term and long-term savings. 
  1. Enhanced Awareness: With plant-wide signage showcasing progress, waste management becomes a central aspect of a facility's operations. This heightened awareness fosters an environment where every member of the team is committed to minimizing waste. 
  1. Efficiency & Productivity: The system aids in the categorization of waste, highlighting areas where corrective actions are needed. Moreover, it reduces the time needed to track, report, and manage waste processes, driving improved efficiency and productivity. 

Measure, Then Manage 

Amtech’s ScrapTrakker embodies the corrugated packaging industry's unwavering commitment to sustainability. By offering facilities a comprehensive solution to manage and analyze waste, it sets a new benchmark for sustainability in the industry. As more and more plants adopt tools like ScrapTrakker, it paints a promising picture for the future, where efficiency and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. 

Schedule a demo of ScrapTrakker today to see firsthand how it can help you mitigate waste and maximize profit. 

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