It’s a new way of doing business.

Are you ready?

Business have to adapt quicker than ever.

Organizations are changing how they do business.  COVID-19 has quickly shown us this in a few short weeks.  From quarantines to government stimulus, organizations are fundamentally having to change how they operate. For a lot of packaging businesses, production has increased forcing the need to quickly scale. For other businesses it means having to be more creative, efficient, and adaptive.

Amtech is no stranger to helping businesses adjust to changes like this.  For over 40 years we have been deploying proven solutions that support today’s new business world.  If you don’t have the right solutions in place…now is the time to get ahead.

Here's how we can help:

✓  Quickly transition in office workers to remote workers in 24-48 hours
✓  Deliver network and data security solutions to protect against the recent uptick in breeches and ransomware
✓  Ensure maximum uptime and easy, remote access of systems with our cloud hosting solutions
✓  Provide an intuitive, web-based platform for easy remote worker access 
✓  Deliver portals which allows our customer’s customers to place orders/re-orders online
✓  Streamline messy paper-based workflows into organized electronic workflows for quick, online access
✓  Algorithmic scheduling for corrugated, converting and shipping to get ahead of the new surge of orders
✓  Effortlessly revamp pricing models for now and the future


Let us focus on the software so you can focus on the customer

Worker Remote Access
Worker Remote Access
Whether you need help establishing a secure VPN or to ensure you have the right security tools in place to avoid costly ransomware attacks or time consuming data breaches, we can help you establish the right methodology to deliver remote access to your vital systems for your staff.
Network andData Security
Network and Data Security
We can quickly evaluate your entire environment to make certain your valuable data is secure.  Today’s world is experienced increased ransomware attacks and data breaches. Don’t let your business become a victim which only decreases your customer confidence and demand.
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Don’t sacrifice responsiveness to your customers because of downtime due to antiquated or poorly managed on-premise infrastructure.  Move your Amtech and other important software systems to the Amtech Cloud to deliver maximum uptime allowing you to remain focused on running your business and servicing your customers, especially with the surge in demands the industry is experiencing. 
Upgrade to Encore
Upgrade to EnCore
Upgrade your legacy Imaginera system to the easy-to-access web-based EnCore.  Give your users the power to quickly access the important data that runs your business.   Whether they are in the office or working remotely, the new workflows will make their lives easier and this will allow you to service more customers more effectively. 
Implement Online Ordering
Implement Online Ordering
More than ever, today’s new economy, insists that your customers have the ability to place orders and reorders online, quickly and effectively.  The Amtech Customer Care Portal enables your customers to place orders through the simple click of a mouse. Gone are the days of phone calls and numerous email exchanges.  Make it easy for your customers to do business with you, to get their orders placed and in cue for on-time delivery and serviceability.
Create Paperless workEnivornment
Create Paperless Work Environment
With today’s new business environment where workers are having to work remotely, paperless workflows are necessary.  With Amtech’s DocLink, you can take your complicated paper environment and streamline it into a simple, paper workflow with all documentation accessed online and remotely.  This will your business quality from order placement to invoicing and keep your customer’s needs satisfied.
Intuitive AlgorithmicScheduling
Intuitive, Algorithmic Scheduling
The surge of business is only going to emphasize the need for a more structured and intuitive scheduling system from the corrugator to converting to shipping.   Amtech’s Scheduling Solutions delivers algorithmic based schedules based on your business’s needs in a clear and easy view. With the quickly shifting business demands this will the only way to accommodate the influx of orders while ensuring your business machinery is being correctly utilized.  Deliver the right product, on-time to your customer.
Cost ModelUpdate
Cost Model Update
Don’t wait to schedule for a manual cost update.  Implement Amtech’s new automated cost model updating tool, to quickly and effectively update your cost models to address the recent changes in our economy. 

Partner with the experts in running the software backbone of your business.