EnCore by Amtech.  The Core of Successful Packaging Operations.

Move your business into the next phase of industry operations with EnCore by Amtech.   Preserving all of the enrichments from our legacy Imaginera system, EnCore by Amtech delivers a web-based Eco-System that streamlines your operations from Amtech’s core ERP to total automation through controls and measurements to  our Smart Factory Integrated Scheduling Solutions.  Elevate your ability to service your customers, produce more and empower your staff to effectively perform their jobs which will boost your business revenues and profits.


Now Veracode Verified

This means our code has been and is continually audited by an independent firm, Veracode, and is verified to ensure the software that runs your business is as secure as possible.


We Back Everything Video

The new web-based user interface with “flexible grids” provides users with role-based views they can tailor to their preference, incorporate links to important sites they regularly access, create short cuts to information such as high-profile customer information, and subscribe to alerts that will keep them on task.     This empowers your users to become more efficient in their daily processes to complete more in a shorter amount of time.


Streamline Workflows

Take collaboration to a new level with full collaboration from request to production. Your sales department can electronically enter designs, samples and pricing requests from the road…utilizing the power of a mobile work environment. Have price requests seamlessly move from department-to- department, all the while keeping sales apprised of its status until completion. With automated alerts, your team can stay on-time and respond faster to events. Shorten your pre-production cycles and improve quality which creates happy customers and improved profits.


Integrated Scheduling

Amtech’s Smart Scheduling Suite integrated into the EnCore Eco-System delivers an integrated solution that automates scheduling efforts through a leading algorithm that takes into consideration the customers due date and time then generates and serves the best run schedule to your scheduler based on your unique business needs, historical run information, potential quality issues, inventory, machine availability, and minimum board specs.


Export to Excel

Any place there is a “flexible grid” within EnCore, users can quickly export the information to excel and from there modify it to their needs. This streamlines the process to gather and quickly analyze data need for the effectiveness of your business operations.


Order Specification Workflow

Specification maintenance for customer service is consolidated into a single screen in EnCore for specification set up. Once saved, they can move right into order estimation. By giving users quick access to all fields necessary for order specification on a single screen, processes are streamlined, quality is improved, and users can move on to the next task they need to accomplish.

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Mega Menu

Users can have a single view all of the available menu items, with multi-sort capabilities, from a single, overriding menu that is located on all screens within EnCore. Make it simple for users to navigate through the system to quickly complete tasks and respond to customer and internal requests.


PDF Creation

Users can create PDF’s and then save documents directly to their computer or directly to print without having to access converters. This allows users to modify and deliver professional PFD documents in a timely manner.


Smart Searches

Intelligent searching through the new “Google-like” search bar can be easily accessed and utilized within EnCore. Users can quickly find information by quick words they are searching versus having to drill down into layers of data to find the information they need allowing them to be more efficient and respond to your customer needs faster.


Manage Quality

Enhance the management of current quality processes by taking events such as a simple complaint, request for credit, or returned goods and expediting resolution with an integrated CAPA management process. Alerts are served to users in screens such as customer, ship-to-order, inventory item, spec and PDE. This makes the NCR & RGA process simple and quick for your business and customers while wrapping it with alerts to prevent future quality issues.


Esko WebCenter & API's

The Amtech EnCore Eco-System allows you to pull data together for seamless management from outside systems such as Esko WebCenter, Artios, and digital press systems. With total integration, your organization can deliver and receive data more effectively and streamline operations.

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Business Intelligence

Collect and serve valuable business intelligence from our completely integrated EnCore Eco-System.  Real-time information allows you to make decisions which improve business performance and success. An aggregation tool that sorts through multiple layers of data, delivers to you canned and tailored dashboards, eliminating the need for multiple systems to produce reports from stale data.


Supports Cloud Strategy

EnCore’s architecture was developed to support organizations who have or are considering migration to the cloud. With migration to the cloud your organization can reduce downtime and operational costs while ensuring that your operations have the scalability and reliability that supports your ongoing business strategy.

EnCore Extensions


Customer Care Portal



Esko WebCenter

Esko WebCenter and Digital Press Integration

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Mobile Logistics

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Mobile Sales









Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

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