Sign & Drive

Sign & Drive is an innovative extension to Amtech's EnCore ERP that provides meaningful benefits to you and your customers:

  • Your customers gain greater insight to manage their incoming material.
  • You and your customer benefit from faster recognition and resolution of shipping exceptions.
  • You get paid sooner for deliveries.
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Catch Exceptions

  • Receive notification of overages, shorts, and damages at time of receipt
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Control Costs

  • Eliminate paper trails
  • Stay connected on any smartphone or tablet  
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Accelerate Cash Flow

  • Speed up time to invoice
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Get instantaneous proof-of-delivery

Give your customers real-time visibility.


Take control of your deliveries with:

Eliminates paper invoicing
Mobile browser interface
User your own devices
Text or email notifications
Accelerate cash flow
Reduce billing errors and credits
Use with your fleet or outside carrier