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AMTECH User Group

The Amtech Users Group is a mutually beneficial partnership between Amtech and the users of our software packages. Amtech benefits from the input of our users, providing feedback as to enhancements and the future direction of the software package from a user perspective. The users benefit from the information sharing among Users Group members, Amtech's commitment to provide programming hours for enhancements and the power of a structured, organized group with common goals and objectives.

Amtech Software Users Group
Provide Input
Take Part in the Develop and Prioritize the User Group Enhancement List
Amtech Users Group
Network with Amtech Users
Learn How Other Businesses Leverage Amtech Software and Solutions
User Group Amtech
Receive Training
Expand Your Knowledge of Your Amtech Environment

Get Involved with the Amtech User Group


Improve the software package to meet the ever changing business management needs
Expand the effectiveness of the user group
Increase the number of User Group members
Grow the level of participation of the members
Enhance information sharing among members
Strengthen communication methods for the members.


Network with your peers
Learn from other users
Receive training on the latest User Group enhancements.
Receive informal training and consulting time with Amtech Analysts.
Provide valuable input to the Advisory Board 
Provide input to Amtech on new and existing products
Develop and prioritize the User Group enhancement list
Ensure your company's ideas are represented

Network with Amtech Users and Peers

The Amtech Users Group Advisory Board with the direction of the Users Group offers two annual meetings. The meetings are held in spring and fall. During the years where Amtech holds their Users Conference, the meeting will be held during the conference. The other meetings will be held in different geographic locations to make it easier for more people to attend. Our goal is to present the opportunity to have each company represented in at least one meeting annually. The success of the Users Group depends on user participation so we hope to see you there!

If you would like to become an Advisory Board member, please read the following requirements:

  • Be an active user of the EnCore or Imaginera software package.
  • Have at least 2 years experience using the EnCore or Imaginera software package..
  • Obtain a commitment from your company to attend at least two User Group meetings annually.
  • Commit to meet via teleconference monthly.
  • Have your contact information shared with all EnCore and Imaginera users.
  • Commit to spend the appropriate amount of time to complete User Group projects.

If you are willing to meet the above requirements and are interested in becoming an Advisory Board member, please send your request to Casey Shaw, Current AUG President.

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