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Optimizing in a Chaotic Environment

Update your cost model in hours...not weeks

Dramatic changes require agility. Meet today’s business demands with ever-changing volume increases and decreases, mix scheduling challenges, overwhelming supply chain disruptions, and irrelevant budgets. Get ahead and stay ahead with Amtech’s Automated Performance Costing Solution. 

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Visual Analytics

Inaccurate Costing Leads to Lost Business and Profits

Partner with Amtech and get a solution that will allow you to: 

Compare MultiplePricing Models

Compare multiple pricing models 

Integrate YourProduction Data

Integrate your production data, costing systems, & general ledger 

DynamicallyAdjust Based on Volume

Dynamically adjust based on volume & market changes

Provide For FlexibleCost Allocation

Provide for flexible cost allocation methods 

Run Quick“What If” Scenarios

Run quick “What If” scenarios

View Intuitive Built InGraphical Analysis

View intuitive, built in graphical analysis

Get AccurateP&L Allocations

Get accurate P&L allocations to the costing system

Integrate WithImaginera or Encore

Integrate with Imaginera or Encore

Don’t miss the opportunities to capture more revenue due to an aged cost model

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