Tag Manager

Amtech’s Tag Manager is designed to accurately determine the number of sheets in each stacker discharge, print load tags, and provide stacker operators with order specific information for quality checks. Address the unique needs for your business and have accurate sheet counts for loads and detailed inventory information served to your users and operators anywhere within your plant.

Keep Track

Keep Track

  • Organize and keep track of the number of sheets in your stacker discharge 
Improve QualityChecks

Improve Quality Checks 

  • Provide stacker operators with specific information for quality checks 

Maintain Accuracy

  • Accurate sheet counts for loads and detailed inventory information

Integrated into EnCore and Smart Factory Suite


Is integrated within Amtech’s Smart Factory Suite and supports interfacing with other external systems including corrugator dry end and conveyor systems.
Supports an unlimited number of load tag formats to meet plant and customer requirements. Information can be provided in any combination of alphanumeric, embedded graphics, and bar code formats.
Provides an independent count of production cuts and prints the actual number of sheets included in each load.
Completely eliminates the need to preprint load tags, deploys them to the corrugator, and stores them until needed ensuring units are marked properly.
When required, supports the retagging of loads and the correction of that unit’s count. Easily reproduces tags to replace damaged tags.
Provides an accurate control record for downstream machines and shipping. Eliminates the opportunity to miss loads which forces additional set ups and additional shipping costs.
Professionally formatted load tags improve the appearance of outgoing loads and enhances the Plant’s reputation for quality and service.

Accurate Inventory Information

System Information

Monitoring Station at Corrugator
LaserJet Printer at Each Stacker
Tag Manager Station at Bander
Workstation in Shipping

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