Quality Management

Amtech’s Quality solution enhances the management of current quality processes within EnCore by taking events such as a simple complaint, request for credit, or returned goods and expediting resolution with an integrated CAPA management process.  Alerts are displayed to users on screens such as customer, ship-to-order, inventory item, spec and PDE.  This makes the NCR & RGA process simple and quick for your business and customers while ensuring alerts are maximized to prevent future quality issues. 

Provide Flexibility

Provide Flexibility

  • Improve typical quality event communication breakdowns
Improve Comunication

Improve Communication

  • Add visibility into the quality issue resolution process
Deliver Alerts

Deliver Alerts 

  • Preventing re-orders of specs with historical quality issues

Streamline the RGA Process


Embedded Workflow and Routing
Linked to Orders, Production, and Inventory
Detailed Audit Trail


Multi-Level Approvals
Quarantine Inventory
Automatic Alerts



Linked to NCR & RGA
Track Internal Audits and Processes
Task Assignment


Provide flexibility with your corrective action process
• Improve typical quality event communication breakdown
• Add visibility into the quality issue resolution process
• Ensure root cause analysis is performed and follow up is effective
• Instill an engrained desire for constant improvement throughout your
• Provide detailed reporting back to your customer about quality events
• Eliminate off-line quality management within your operations
• Deliver alerts preventing re-orders of specs that have had historical quality issues
• Streamline accounting processes associated with quality events

Enhance Your Current Quality Process

Document Capture
Thoughtfully integrated within EnCore, Amtech’s Quality Extension offers enhanced and flexible quality management and workflow to ensure all products meet the required standards. This enables your plant to be able to reduce quality issues, reduce quality issues and increase customer satisfaction which will greatly improve your business bottom line. 
Auto Back-fillproperties
Trend Tracking
Track trends over time by site, department, product, and quality request. You can view the quality backlogs by status.  Managers can view detailed information and proactively address problems and quality trends before they become an issue that can affect your business revenues and profits.
Virtual staple
Process Improvement
The integrated CAPA management system creates efficient workflows for the maintenance of quality issues while reducing time from NCR creation to corrective action.  Ensure that future issues are avoided through efficient process management.
Root Cause Analysis
Identify the cause of quality issues by tracing them back to the source. Eliminate repeat errors and hold your suppliers accountable for quality issues related to raw materials, ensuring quality processes are in place and adhered to and that everyone knows their responsibilities and performs to them. The system creates a cycle of improvement to safeguard future production and quality.  
Desktop Retrieval
Service Level Alerts
Keep your team informed, with plant-wide visibility about quality issues, while expediting issue resolution through the use of automatic alerts triggered by change in status or lack of action over time.  Increase customer satisfaction and repeat business through communication and service during an issue resolution event.
AP workflow
Quarantine Files
Move inventory items into quarantine bins directly from Quality to flag affected items prior to shipping to customers. Make certain your customers only receive quality product from your organization and efficiently manage the quality process.  Improve your customer satisfaction and lower your costs effectively.

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