Amtech Unveils iNEXT Cloud based Software to Customer Group

Posted by Daria Cuda on 10/20/15 2:35 PM

Amtech’s twice yearly Customer User group meeting in Philadelphia was the site of Amtech presentation of its next generation of software to its customers. Close to 200 guests joined in the post meeting celebration at the Franklin Institute named in honor of America’s earliest and greatest innovator Benjamin Franklin. The user Group meeting had its typical agenda of customer steering committees leading the way in working closely with Amtech to define future software enhancements to address the ever changing needs of the packaging industry. In addition there were education opportunities and one on one sessions for client Solution consulting.

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Mobile Logistics Now Available for Apple iOS

Posted by Gregory Heinz on 5/19/14 4:17 PM

Cosmo DeNicola is proud to announce that Amtech's award-winning mobile application, Mobile Logistics, is now available for Apple iPad and iPhone. Customers can now use the app on their familiar Apple products, eliminating the expense and complexity of purchasing a rugged mobile device

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Amtech Unveils the Customer Care Portal

Posted by Gregory Heinz on 9/23/13 3:24 PM

Amtech is proud to announce the packaging industry’s first self service customer tool, MobileForce Customer Care Portal. A cloud-based system, the Customer Care Portal delivers complete empowerment to Packaging Manufacturer’s customers by providing to end users the capability to manage the entire Supply Chain from Design to On-Time Delivery. Functionality includes; one click ordering, instant on-line quotes, live tracking of deliveries and orders with real time visibility of truck and Production Status. End users will also be able to instantaneously communicate with the box plant and report quality, returns or service issues. Box plants can engage their customers via collaboration on design projects and on-line approvals to speed up the sales process. Cad files, scanned images and print cards, signed BOL’s and Invoices can be viewed online or downloaded.
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