Machine Learning Comes to Corrugated Packaging: Spotlight on APB

by Bill Link, on 10/17/23 11:10 AM

Advanced Planning Board with Machine Learning

Forward-thinking packaging companies are recognizing that “machine learning” is no longer just a buzzword or a far-off futuristic concept—it's a transformative force that is reshaping the industry right now. At the vanguard of this revolution is Advanced Planning Board (APB) from Amtech, a solution that harnesses the power of machine learning to redefine operational efficiency.  

Machine Learning: The Catalyst for Optimized Machine Utilization 

Machine learning, with its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and predict outcomes, is the driving force behind APB's optimized scheduling. By continuously learning from historical data and real-time inputs, APB ensures that machines are always operating at their peak potential. 

Consider a box plant where machines, in a pre-APB era, operated at a utilization rate of 70%. With APB's machine learning capabilities, this figure can experience a significant surge. It's conceivable for manufacturers to witness a 10-15% increase in machine utilization, thanks to the predictive insights offered by machine learning. This means machines that once operated at 70% could now soar to an 80-85% utilization rate. The implications? Enhanced output, reduced waste, and a notable boost in profitability. 

Minimizing Machine Idle Time with Predictive Analytics 

Idle time is the silent productivity killer in a sheet plant. Every hour a machine sits idle represents lost production opportunities and, by extension, lost revenue. Advanced Planning Board addresses this challenge head-on. By leveraging predictive analytics, APB can anticipate potential idle times and make proactive scheduling adjustments. 

Imagine a scenario where a machine, in the absence of APB, faced 50 idle hours per month. With APB's machine learning-driven insights, this idle time can be drastically reduced. Whether it's a 20% reduction, translating to 40 idle hours, or an ambitious 50% reduction, amounting to just 25 idle hours, the time and cost savings are monumental. Over the span of a year, this could equate to hundreds of productive hours reclaimed. 

Embrace the Future 

Machine learning is not just a technological advancement; it's a paradigm shift, especially in the context of corrugated manufacturing. Advanced Planning Board, with its adept use of machine learning, stands as a testament to the potential of this technology. By optimizing machine utilization and curtailing idle time, APB offers a glimpse into the future of efficient, data-driven manufacturing.  

For those ready to embrace this future, the transformative power of machine learning, as embodied by APB, awaits. 

Schedule a Screening 

Our development team is targeting an official launch date for Advanced Planning Board in December 2023/January 2024. In the lead-up to the launch, they are asking for industry insiders to participate in a pre-screening to provide feedback about new features and functionality.  

Can you spare 30 minutes to evaluate APB pre-launch and help our development team fine-tune it prior to release? If so, click the button below! 

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