Customer Care Portal

Amtech has built its business around creating a successful customer-centric strategy and delivering an unmatched customer experience. Utilizing web-based access our Customer Care Portal leverages the power within EnCore and extends it to your customers through a simple and intuitive interface. Customer’s love to do business with supplier’s who make it easy.

Empower your customers to quickly request quotes, place re-orders, check order status, and perform accounting inquiries from their own device at their convenience. 24x7 access ensures that your customer’s third shift can connect with your business at all hours, virtually extending the hours of your front office staff.

By removing customer service-related tasks from your front office and sales staff, you can refocus them and allow them to sell more. Provide your customers the ability to easily access critical information when it is convenient for them and see how it moves you ahead of the competition.

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This means our code has been and is continually audited by an independent firm, Veracode, and is verified to ensure the software that runs your business is as secure as possible.

Intuitive Self ServicePortal

Intuitive Self Service Portal

  • Easy access to inquiry information
Information 24x7

Information 24x7

  • Self-service 
  • Offering greater levels of convenience

Sell & Service More

Sell & Service More

  • Refocus Sales & Front Office Staff 
  • Improve overall efficiency

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Deliver a Digital Customer Experience.



  • Provide a Digital Storefront
  • Service Online Client Needs
  • Deliver Real-Time, Immediate Answers
  • Provide 24x7 Digital Access
  • Reduce Phone Calls and Emails
  • Transform CSR's to Inhouse Sales
  • Improve Close Rates
  • Strengthen Your Brand
  • Create a Barrier to Competitive Entry
  • Enhance Customer Stickiness

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, your customers can simply download the Customer Care Portal mobile application for access anytime from anywhere.  Integrated with EnCore, they can check in on inventory and shipment status, place re-orders with approvals, and initiate RGA's.


  • Status
  • Accounting
  • Order Questions


  • Click of a Button
  • Touch of a Screen
  • Picture from Load Tag


  • Amtech EnCore
  • Esko WebCenter Integration

Digitally Expand Your Front Office Team.

KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard

Tailored dashboards displayed prominently on your customer’s portal home screen provides them with a 360º view of account and order status over days, weeks and months.  This allows your customer to proactively manage their business by staying apprised to the status of their orders. 

One-Click Ordering

One-Click Ordering

Delivering a customized pricing matrix allows your customers to quickly generate a price on commonly placed items, get a copy of a quote, and book the order with a single click. No longer do they need to email or call your customer care department for quotes and order placement.

Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Once the order is placed, customers can track it through the production cycle with real-time information all the way down to the machine the current job is running on.  Your customers can stay aware of production schedules allowing them to appropriately plan their operations.

Shipment tracking

Shipment Tracking

Through the Customer Care Portal, customers can view online delivery schedules with live truck mapping. This provides them the ability to stay up-to-date on order status and stay proactive within their business.

Design collaboration

Design Collaboration

The Customer Care Portal integrates with Esko WebCenter and EnCore’s built in workflow to improve communication with easy-to-use viewing platform, and annotation tools for design, editing, and approvals.  Pre-production collaboration is now simplified, completed faster, and with higher quality. 

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

The integrated reporting suite leverages Microsoft Reporting Services, which provides your customers with powerful tools for inventory and production planning. Delivering accurate information allows for intelligent business decisions to be made.

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