DocLink Document Management

DocLink provides the power to convert documents into an electronic format then securely store them on your network, whether they were generated inside or outside of EnCore. Role-based permissions allows users to easily retrieve documents from the repository then quickly share them through their desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  Eliminate the need for extensive filing cabinets, respond faster to your customers and drive your business forward with this fully integrated web-based document management solution. Isn't it time you go paperless?

Easy Access

Easy Access

  • Locate and route any documents, fast 
Digital Formatting

Digital Formatting

  • Convert physical documents into user-friendly digital format


  •  Organize any documents and files by type

Go Paperless


Proactively Manage & Control Documentation
Eliminate Paper-Based Filing & Disorganization
Improve Document Management Between Locations
Quickly Access Needed Documents
Automate Document Distribution

- Delivery Receipts
- Purchase Orders
- Quotes
- Invoices
- Bills of Lading
- Accounts Payable-3 Way Match

Streamline Audit Preparation
Simplify Inventory Validations


Electronically Capture and Automate Routing

Document Capture
Document Capture
Electronically capture key documents including invoices, delivery receipts, quotations, factory tickets, AP checks, POs, and much more. Ensure information is captured correctly, avoid human data-entry errors, and provide better business service with quick, electronic documentation retrieval and delivery.
Auto Back-fillproperties
Auto Back-Fill Properties
Once you capture and invoice, documents can be configured to automatically back-fill properties that are associated with related documents. This makes it faster and simpler for important documentation to be completed. 
Virtual staple
Virtual Staple
Attach documents together by entering a common property value then display all documents together with similar values when searching by document type. Provide an intuitive method for saving and retrieving needed documents which speeds up an otherwise cumbersome document retrieval process. 
Outbound Document
Automate distribution of invoices, purchase orders, acknowledgements, and delivery receipts via email.  Electronically respond to internal and customer requests, which will drive your operations forward through streamlined document processing. 
Desktop Retrieval
Desktop Retrieval
Provides secure, instant retrieval of documents from the desktop along with the ability to view, annotate, print, fax, or email. Document types are quickly searched, displayed and sorted by entry date, status, and annotations. Make it easy for your team to access documents and avoid tedious paper trails.  Empower your staff to quickly perform their jobs to meet your sales goals and keep your customers happy.
AP workflow
AP Workflow
Allows for AP invoices to be captured directly from email and routed to AP or the buyer for approval. It can automatically link the AP invoice with the PO and receiver for a visual 3-way match.  It can automate approval of inbound invoices based on what was requested on the purchase order, received on the receiver, and billed on the AP invoice.  Approved AP invoices can be directly sent to Amtech's AP module for payment processing.  Simplify AP processing and have invoices flow through your departments efficiently.