TopGun Inventory Management

Amtech’s wireless inventory management system, TopGun, incorporates barcode scanning to help you take proactive control of your inventory. Armed with the right technology, your business can more efficiently and electronically capture important information while loading trucks, tracking inventory, counting inventory, receiving purchase orders, tracking orders/work in process, and more. Eliminate errors and better manage your business with accurate information to improve revenue and increase profit.

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Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

  • Coordinate loading trucks
  • Track inventory
  • Count inventory
Utliize Technology

Utilize Technology

  • Digitally capture order tracking information 
  • Stay on track with order progress
Ensure Accuracy

Ensure Accuracy

  • Eliminate processing errors 
  • Maintain status updates in real-time 

Real-Time Inventory Tracking


Revolutionize Inventory Management

  • Increase inventory visibility immediately by knowing the age, cost, and levels of all items
  • Improve accurate unit level tracking & traceability
  • Organize your warehouse and inventory
  • Correctly, pick, pack, and ship orders
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Eliminate lost or missed unites
  • Stop complicated paperwork trails
  • Eliminate physical counting
  • Reduce time in searching for inventory
  • Effective management of raw materials, WIP, and FG from the forklift
  • Improve management of WIP inventory by bin location
  • Auto-generate BOL's

Answers Your Toughest Inventory Questions

  • Where is my inventory?
  • What needs to be loaded today?
  • What about PO receiving and returns?
  • Will my order be on time?
  • Is my order complete?
  • Has my order been loaded?
  • Did I receive my sheets and paper?




Improve On-Time Delivery

Recevice Raw Files

Receive Raw Materials

Receive purchased items such as sheet orders, roll stock, stock sheets and raw materials through bar-coded tags generated from within EnCore or existing vendor load tags.  Ensure your operation has an accurate count of inventory and avoid costly data entry mistakes.

Load Trucks

Load Trucks

Scan bar-coded load tags on truck or dock identifiers then print bills of lading right from the forklift seat. Make your staff’s job easier and eliminate complicated paperwork trails.

Track Work in Progress

Track Work in Progress

Age raw materials, inventory items, and finished goods with detailed information on every item in the warehouse.  Stay ahead of inventory requirements and avoid unnecessary order fulfillment or quality issues.

Manage Fulfillment

Manage Fulfillment

Facilitate the movement of inventory to and from remote warehouses and suppliers with real-time expediting capabilities. Improve response times, streamline your operations, and quickly response to business needs and requests.

Take Physical Counts

Take Physical Counts

Transform the physical count process by scanning a bin location marker, then scanning units in that location.  Keep your staff from having to manually record inventory counts and speed up the inventory counting process.  

Customer Returns

Customer Returns

Provide your team with the ability to quickly and electronically process receive backs and isolate customer returns.  Through integration to your quality program, information is accurately captured and electronically managed to avoid future issues and improves customer satisfaction.

Fixed Scanning

Increase inventory accuracy by automating the finishing line’s move to finished goods. With a fixed scanner mounted on the mainline bander where it reads load tags. Once the tag is read it places the unit into finished goods inventory. This further simplifies and automates your inventory management ensuring accuracy.

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