Scheduling Solutions:  Corrugator Scheduling

Solutions Scheduling for Corrugators provides plant schedulers with the tools necessary to efficiently trim all paper grades. Using a substantially developed, adjustable scheduling algorithm that is completely integrated, the system delivers information, schedules, and alternative run patterns to your organization that are the best answer to satisfy your business needs. You will achieve better, more cost-efficient runs that minimize wet end changes, dry end changes, and assist in controlling excess orders being scheduled which leads to material being inventoried, damage to sheets, and congestion on the plant floor.

Alternative GradeScheduling Algorithm

Alternative Grade Scheduling Algorithm

  • Delivers, schedules and alternates run patterns
Schedules Based onBusiness Performance

Schedules Based on Business Performance

  • Cost efficiency with minimized wet/dry end changes
Control OverExcess Orders

Control Over Excess Orders

  • Reduce: Inventoried material, sheet damage and floor congestion

Intelligent Automated Scheduling.


Quickly delivers the most efficient corrugator schedules allowing the scheduler to concentrate on improving customer service and plant efficiency instead of number crunching.
Considers all business factors, not just cost, to provide the best scheduling options for the overall business and produces lower cost runs.
Provides multiple solutions for each order pool allowing the scheduler to select the one that best fits the current business conditions.
Optimizes converting equipment, delivers tight integration from the corrugator through to shipping, and helps you to effectively leverage machinery.
The system trims multiple grades in the same trimming session and automatically considers upgrades for qualifying orders to create the most cost-effective lineups.
Information is communicated in real-time across your organization, through integration, allowing your front office to respond immediately to customers.
Customers can view status information right from their Amtech Customer Care Portal without having to send an email or pick-up a phone to check on the status.

Achieve Better, More Cost-Efficient Runs

Alternative TrimSolutions
Alternative Trim Solutions
Produces multiple, weighted solutions for each order pool allowing the scheduler to select the one that best fits current business conditions all in a single view.  This provides the scheduler comparative alternatives (based on trim, costs, splits, etc.) for informed operational decision making through multiple data factors ensuring operational soundness and business performance.  The solution groups each display summary statistics to let the scheduler know exactly which is the best for the current business condition.  In today's plants, requirements change each hour and trying to maintain a large set of parameters as other corrugator scheduling systems require becomes counter productive. 
Integrated Setup
Integrated Setup
Integrated throughout the Amtech family of solutions and based from your production requirements, the system transfers information needed for each setup to the corrugator control computer, which in turn downloads the data to the various machine components.  This allows you to produce shipping schedules once, eliminates manual keying at each machine, simplifies the dry end workload, prevents data entry errors, and increases the amount of time operators can concentrate on quality and production.  Additionally, this provides your organization visibility from order intake to shipping priorities for improved internal and customer communication. 
Cost Calculations
Cost Calculations
Built-in system intelligence serves up a straight-cost calculation of the schedule based on multiple, impactful parameters. You are able to tailor the algorithm to what is impactful for your machines and your business. This provides your scheduler comparative cost alternatives based on upgrades, setups, paper changes, etc.
Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant
Built-in messaging keeps the scheduler up-to-date with order status through automated status updates on one screen in a single system.  The scheduler receives instant notifications for areas such as order changes and scheduling conflicts, which allows for modification opportunities before the schedule is completed.  Alerts for new orders just received that may be used int eh current trim pool are also shown.  Simplify your schedulers work flow by removing the guess work, allow for quick modifications, and eliminate manual manipulation during schedule creation. 
Automated Communication
The system automates communications of the corrugator schedule information to the corrugator, conveyor, strapper, unitizer, sheet counters, and wet end control systems.  This removes the need for manual entries or tiresome management of limited data interfaces.  When coupled with Converting Scheduling from Amtech, it automatically communicates changes to the machine schedules. 
Intuitive Intelligence
Intuitive Intelligence
Built-in intuitive intelligence delivers automated “pop-up menus” that calls out alternative options which deliver greater efficiencies and cost-savings based on historical patterns. Turn your novice and back-up schedulers into master schedulers. Master schedulers can move onto more strategic initiatives within your operations accelerating your business forward.
Backlog OrderFilters
Backlog Order Filters
The system allows for the scheduler to filter backlog and then combine orders based on production needs.  
Roll StockInventory
Roll Stock Inventory
The system directly accesses the current roll stock inventory, if available, and even allows the user to prevent the use of stock which has been ear marked for a future requirement. If replenishment paper has been confirmed to arrive before this schedule will be produced, the scheduler can allow the use of that roll stock.

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