Amtech Unveils the Customer Care Portal

by Gregory Heinz, on 9/23/13 3:24 PM

Amtech is proud to announce the packaging industry’s first self service customer tool, MobileForce Customer Care Portal. A cloud-based system, the Customer Care Portal delivers complete empowerment to Packaging Manufacturer’s customers by providing to end users the capability to manage the entire Supply Chain from Design to On-Time Delivery. Functionality includes; one click ordering, instant on-line quotes, live tracking of deliveries and orders with real time visibility of truck and Production Status. End users will also be able to instantaneously communicate with the box plant and report quality, returns or service issues. Box plants can engage their customers via collaboration on design projects and on-line approvals to speed up the sales process. Cad files, scanned images and print cards, signed BOL’s and Invoices can be viewed online or downloaded.
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