Independent ll purchases Amtech’s Workflow

by Morgan DeNicola, on 11/9/15 12:02 PM

Cosmo DeNicola, President of Amtech Software, announces that Independent ll, a Corrugated box plant located in Louisville, KY, has added Amtech’s Workflow Management Module to their Imaginera suite. Workflow is Amtech’s sales process management solution that electronically links sales to design and customer service to improve communication, reduce errors, and shorten sales cycle.

Workflow provides the sales department with an electronic tool for entering design, sample, and pricing requests from the road. Once submitted, the system pushes the request to the appropriate department, and as each department works on a request, the system updates so that all the sales process are aware of its status and expected completion date. Once a request is complete, an automatic alert is sent to the sales representative, letting them know their quote is ready to deliver to the customer.

“Independent II's ability to manage our customers’ complex and time critical orders is increased by the power of Workflow. Good information is more quickly and accurately shared all around and we can handle a higher number of transactions without adding staff. More time can be dedicated to creating solutions and less time is spent in order processing.”

                                                                                    Finn MacDonald, VP of Operations

Workflow integrates with Imaginera and CAD, automatically populating required fields such as size, style, grade, and quantity to reduce potential errors created through re-keying of data. The tool also integrates with Amtech’s Mobile Sales application, allowing sales representatives to enter requests anytime, anywhere right from their smartphone or tablet.


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