Amtech Software Customers Prepared for COVID-19

by Tracy Rowland, on 6/2/20 3:25 PM

Unfortunately, thanks to COVID-19, the concept of Box plants without walls has gone from a futuristic idea to being critical for survival.


COVID-19 has taught us many things. Including the need to be agile to meet the needs of an expanding supply chain and surging demand. In addition, it taught us that our office staff, customers, production, and sales teams need to collaborate online, be mobilized, untethered to on-premise computers, and have full access to real-time data stored in The Cloud.


Delivering sophisticated packaging (whether digital or brown) while meeting clients’ needs requires systems that are fully INTEGRATED not just INTERFACED. For years the Packaging Industry has met the needs of the emerging e-Commerce industry while themselves escaping from the consumer online revolution. I have always questioned why we can order almost anything online 24/7 (while in our pajamas) without any intervention, but if we need packaging it takes a team of people to follow-up and multiple interfaced systems just to initiate the process. Instead of just being an observer, we went to work!

At Amtech we devoted 100,000-man hours creating new and TRANSFORMATIONAL business applications that are hosted in the Amtech Cloud. They provide our customers:

  • Online and fully integrated Customer Service Portals with 24/7 collaboration from inquiry to in- voicing
  • Paperless Workflows with integrated dynamic scheduling from quoting to invoicing
  • Hosting Services that get clients out of the IT business with included cyber security and managed network services
  • Remote Workforce tools that let you hire the best and brightest with access to the national talent pool, not just your area
  • Realtime Data and Controls for recording and enhancing productivity with digital sensors

Quite simply, we have the technology NOW to provide “Amazon-like” capabilities that take advantage of Apple devices and Google data.

Obviously, during the current viral scare companies are hesitant to initiate projects.
However, most advances can be done incrementally. Forget years and months... great things can be implemented in weeks, days and hours. Examples are everywhere. Banks had 10 days to create their PPP SBA Portal, the Federal Government only had weeks to develop systems to distribute and track millions of stimulus checks. It can be done, plus the best time may be while your administrative workforce is remote and has availability.

Knock down the walls......

For more information contact:

Darren Artillio

President, Amtech Software

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