Michcor Container Inc. Purchases Amtech’s Mobile Logistics

by Morgan DeNicola, on 4/27/15 12:25 PM

Amtech Software President, Cosmo DeNicola is pleased to announce that Michcor Container Inc., a corrugated box operation located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has purchased Amtech’s Mobile Logistics extension for Imaginera. With key software features including electronic signature capture, Michcor Container will be able to reduce paper and streamline the shipping process.

Amtech’s Mobile Logistics system extends the inventory and delivery functions within Imaginera ERP to truck drivers using an iOS or Windows mobile device. The mobile app eliminates the need for physical packaging slips and bills of lading, instead using a digital signature that automatically triggers invoices to customers via email, speeding up cash flow. In addition, Michcor Container can use the app to measure delivery metrics (i.e. driver wait and unload times) to better hold their customers accountable for potential impacts on delivery schedules.

Amtech Software is the box industry’s leading supplier of software solutions. Amtech Software has been installed in over 850 box plants of all shapes and sizes. Over 35,000 box plant employees use Amtech Software every day. For additional details contact Darren Artillio at dartillio@amtechsftware.net or 215-639-9540 x1504.

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