Futura Launches iServe

by Ashley Gennett, on 3/16/17 11:06 AM

After thousands of hours of development, documentation and testing, Futura will be initiating the pilot user onboarding of its new CRM and Customer Portal system, iServe.  iServe will allow customers to submit and view the progress of their system’s support needs through a convenient and user-friendly web portal designed to speed up the process of ticket submission and resolution. A key feature of the new system is the Knowledge base that will provide information and tools to users to greatly enhance their use of the system.

“Our chairman and Founder, Janet DeNicola, has always been a strong proponent of using technology to its fullest. Our new platform will deliver powerful information to our users,” stated Dominic Sambucci, Futura Services President.

The iServe launch comes at an exciting time for Futura Services as it is set to celebrate its 25-year anniversary. The 6 pilot customers will pave the way for Futura’s 30,000 users to have 24/7 access ad collaborative interaction with Packaging Industry and Technology Experts/ The plan is for all clients to be live by 6/30/2017.

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