Amtech Invests In People To Handle Growth

by Morgan DeNicola, on 5/11/16 9:30 AM

May 9, 2016

After investing several million dollars building their next generation of software, Amtech is investing in the people who will program, implement and support it.

“We decided to initiate a packaging industry learning curriculum to develop the next generation of Packaging Software Experts,” explained Stephanie DeNicola, Director Human Resources/Professional Development.  Education is the foundation for professional development, and it is essential for us to continue to build great people to deliver great products.  

One element of the new program is our partnership with the AICC’s Science of Paper School, who provides a history, background and knowledge of how corrugated is designed, produced, and becomes a finished box.  It’s a great course for people new to the industry, and provides hands-on, practical knowledge that we can apply immediately.                    

The inaugural class consisted of seven students for two intense days of learning everything there is to know about corrugated from A to Z. The seminar was held at Amtech and Futura’s Fort Washington, PA headquarters.

  The curriculum focused on:

  • Industry Overview, Container board Grades, Containerboard Manufacturing
  • Corrugated Board and Applications, Corrugated Board Production
  • Characteristics of Containerboard and Combined Board
  • Packaging Performance, Machinery, Structural Design
  • How Boxes are used

Additionally, attendees were given a tour of a local corrugator plant where they were able to see its Corrugator, Finishing Equipment and High Speed Warehousing in action.  They were able to see in real time all of the Amtech software modules working together.  Amtech will also be hosting a series of “day in the life” sessions with box-maker customers sharing best practices with the attendees. 

Feedback was positive on the seminar.  “I am excited to learn about the packaging industry. I’m sure I’ll be able to deliver more value to our customers as my knowledge grows,” stated Zach Handzlik, Amtech’s Marketing Technologist.  Ralph Young, Consultant to AICC and instructor of the course, said “like children in a candy store, employees were wide to learn and the questions just kept coming.  They were eager to understand the science of paper making, combining and connecting and analyzing the end users need for corrugated packaging.”

“The industry overview is the first phase of our Education and Professional Program,” stated Stephanie DeNicola.  Our new business motto is “In order to grow, you have to know.”


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