Amtech announces new Business Intelligence Analytics System… Amtech Visual Analytics

by Morgan DeNicola, on 9/14/15 11:55 AM

………….New REAL TIME Management and Operational Dashboards that make Data more Actionable

Fort Washington, Pa - Amtech Software is proud to announce the release of Visual Analytics, Real Time Management and Operational Dashboard system for the Packaging Industry.  Amtech’s latest innovation brings aggregated metrics into its newly created Amtech Data Warehouse (the most extensive in the industry).The information is easily viewed on multiple devices (including smartphones) in a visual and actionable manner.

Timely, high quality data is an absolute must for proactive decision making. Data generation is only half the problem since most systems have plenty of static reports and historical information. Modern systems like Amtech’s Visual Analytics focus on getting the right information, to the right people at the right time to help guide their decision making and strategic actions. Automatically generated, the system requires no additional work to get started.

“It’s better than reports and more powerful than spreadsheets”, states Amtech President Cosmo DeNicola “Managers and decision makers of all levels will now be equipped with a visual, information on the go, understanding of their businesses performance. They can now Analyze, Predict and Act”.

The dashboards include data across all segments of your business; Finance, Sales, Production and Logistics.

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