by Ashley Gennett, on 1/9/18 11:32 AM

As the market leader in packaging software in North America, we take our stewardship seriously.  This includes investing in our company, customers, and the packaging industry.  To that end, we are offering you, our customers in the packaging industry, 3 promises for 2018:

Promise #1 - We won’t get lazy as we continue to knock down barriers and drive industry progress.  2018 will see a tremendous amount of software updates and new technology. Our focus will be inside the four walls of your plant as we greatly enhance our Converting Scheduling, Production, and Truck Planning Systems.

Promise #2 - We will help you embrace Digital Printing.  Our customers will be at the forefront of this wave of new end-user offerings as we enhance our Customer Portal to provide your customers more self-serve and collaboration electronically.  A newer graphical interface, stronger Esko and digital printer integration will round out our end-to-end solution. A new Optimization Scheduling tool will ensure on time delivery and efficient workflows.   

Promise #3 - We will intensely focus on our customers by investing in our internal support, increasing staff, and developing easier access to keep your software and users operating smoothly. Our new internal CRM System called iServe will be fully live for all clients in January 2018, giving easy access to online problem solving, knowledge base and packaging industry community online collaboration.

Although we will celebrate our 38th year in business on April 1st, we feel young, energized, and fully committed to inventing, innovating and driving real and positive change.  



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