ScrapTrakker Waste Management

Amtech’s ScrapTrakker™ is a turn-key solution that combines data collection and shop floor software to help you manage waste and recover lost dollars. It utilizes touchscreen and barcode technologies for easy plant floor use. Combined with many successful implementations and our experienced implementation teams, your facility will be able to measure the return on investment in months…not years.

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Increase Production Capacity

  • Reduce the amount of overruns

Gain Control Over Recycled Bales

  • Improve productivity at scrap and baler operations

Receive and Utilize Data Better

  • Reduce the time to track and report on waste

Track Waste

Track Your Scrap


  • Increase management/plant productivity with accurate data and comparative reviews
  • Gain control of recycled bales and improve productivity at the scrap and baler operation
  • Accurately track the weight of bales being sold
  • Make waste management a normal part of plant-wide awareness and operations
  • Use the plant-wide signage viable with ScrapTrakker to highlight progress
  • Categorize waste and pinpoint corrective action(s) needed
  • Reduce the time required to track, report and manage the wast process

Recover Lost Dollars


Data Collection

ScrapTrakker integrates with your existing waste processes and procedures to track the volume of waste in your plant by date, time, shift, location, type, and cause.  It interfaces directly to your scale to weigh both waste coming to the bailer and the weight of completed bales.  Built-in touch screen and barcode technology allows for the creation of automated bale tags and bills of lading that document waste shipments. This eliminates human error and creates for faster more effective reporting utilizing fewer plant resources. 



The system provides complete and comprehensive information identifying waste by type, location, date/time created, and the root cause of the waste. Reports can be exported for further analysis.  Detailed scoreboards can show waste in real-time as it occurs during the day including leading causes, waste at each location, and historic waste data for prior months and years. Only when you understand the root cause and actual cost of your waste can you determine which waste is controllable, recover missed dollars, and maintain the savings on a short-term and long-term basis. Deliver management the ammunition they need to develop best practices and control processes to reduce waste and increase profits. 

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