Real-Time Production Monitoring & Digital Signage

With EnCore's RPM extension, manufacturers can gain real-time visibility into plant operations. RPM is an affordable, easy-to-use plant management solution designed to monitor manufacturing activity through the use of industry-standard hardware which can be retrofitted to any machine - regardless of age. It's time to eliminate manual data entry and the risk of error. Optimize your production schedule, focus on operational improvement with data easily viewed in real-time…now.

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Real-Time Visibility

  • Monitor all manufacturing activity

Industry-Standard Hardware

  • Retrofitted to any machine, of any age

Optimize Production Schedules

  • Focus on operational improvements

Real-Time Visibility into Plant Operations

Realtime Production Monitoring


  • OEE
  • Shift-Over-Shift Stats
  • Order Stats
  • Machine Idle
  • Machine Setup
  • Machine Run
  • Interactive Schedule Board-CSR/Sales

Eliminate Manual Data Entry


Photo Sensors

RPM offers full visibility into all jobs on current machines through RPM’s “photo eyes”. The photo sensors automatically report elapsed time spent on setup, run and downtime modes.  Your operator spends less time keying in data and more time keeping machines running efficiently.


Digital Signage

Mounted above the machine, machine operators and the back office can view real-time information such as job schedules, run speeds and more at the machine location and at the corrugator.   Everyone stays up to speed about current performance levels with quick views of un-biased information available at key points within your plant.


Live Scheduling Integration

Through RPM's real-time production updates, you can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your manufacturing plan. Integration with Amtech’s Solutions Scheduling for Converting system offers manufacturers the ability to make live schedule adjustments that maximize production and run-times.


Forced Waste & Downtime Reconciliation

With mandatory waste reconciliation, waste is accurately calculated from the corrugated or sheet supplier to the finishing machine. Lower waste means lower-costs.


Accurate Data & Reporting

RPM automatically captures data on setup, run and downtime and elapsed times.  Operators can spend less time keying data and more time ensuring machines are running efficiently.  



RPM’s advanced integration with EnCore provides a direct link to visual scheduling, production reporting cost estimating and graphical management modules.  By integrating this information, analytics and reporting becomes more effective making it easier to make important business decisions.

Improve Operations.

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