Proactively Manage Production

  • Manage operations in real-time with integrated systems.
  • Effectively oversee scheduling, inventory selection and machine utilization.
  • Motivate your staff and provide them insight into performance.
  • Automate quality and production through controls for consistency.
  • Eliminate silos of scheduling and provide for overall scheduling from one seat. 
  • Utilize machinery efficiently by run and availability.

Automated Scheduling

Completely Integrated
Industry Leading Algorithm
Generates Best Run Schedule
System Considers:

-Business Needs
-Historical Run Information
-Potential Quality Issues
-Current Inventory
-Machine Availability
-Minimum Board Specs


Remove "Silos" in Scheduling
Build Schedules for Business Success
Eliminate Multiple Planning Meetings
Provide Entire Operations Clear View
Corrugated Board 2resized6

Inventory Management

Electronically Manage Inventory
Barcode Scanning Technology
Raw Materials, WIP, Roll Stock, Consignment
Physical Counts Electronically
Move Inventory Warehouse, Plant, Customer
Manage Customer Returns
Schedule Runs with Best Inventory Options
Process Customer Returns 

Increase Inventory Visibility
Improve Unit Level Tracking & Traceability
Eliminate Lost Unites
Speed Up Physical Counts
Enhance Scheduling 


Quality Improvement

Produce Compliance
Trend Tracking 
Site, Department, Product
Integrated CAPA Management
Automated Alerts
Root Cause Identification
Service Level Alerts
Quarantine Files/Specs
NCR, RGA, CAPA Management

Improve Quality Event Communication
Provide Flexibility in Quality Process
Eliminate Off-Line Quality Management
Prevent Quality Issue Re-Orders 


Scrap Management

Track Waste Electronically
TouchScreen Technology
Barcode Scanning
Reports by:
-Waste Type
-Date/Time Created
-Root Cause
Recover Missing Dollars
Implement Best Practices
Control Processes
Reduce Tracking Time
Sales 1-1

Insight & Communication

Integration into Scheduling
Monitor Manufacturing Activity
Allow Staff to See Status
Industry Standard Hardware
Photo Sensors & Digital Signage
Forced Waste Reconciliation
Real-Time Information:


-Shift-Over-Shift Stats

-Order Stats

-Machine Idle/Setup/Run



Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Optimize Production Schedule
Keep Machines Running Efficiently
Keep Staff Informed & Motivated

Analytics & Reports

Complete Integration
Drill-Down Capabilities
Production Scheduling
Machine Utilization
Speed/Efficiency Charts
Inventory Status
Quality Events
Scrap Tracking 
Root Cause Analysis
On-Time Conveying 

Make Adjustments Immediately
Gain Insight into Backlogs
View Inventory Utilization
Manage Quality Resolution