Amtech to Install Imaginera© at Winterborne – A PSC Company

by Ashley Gennett, on 2/26/18 4:04 PM

Cosmo T. DeNicola, President of Amtech Software, is pleased to announce the sale of Imaginera©, Amtech’s premier software system.  Pacific Southwest Container, LLC has acquired Winterborne, Inc., a premier thermoforming, blister pack, and fulfillment center in Chatsworth, California and has implemented Amtech’s Imaginera© platform in their new facility.

Imaginera© is a highly integrated, Windows-based software solution for the box industry. Modules included cover all aspects of Sales, Customer Service, and Production. Features of Imaginera© include precision estimating, enhanced delivery of customer service, high velocity system navigation, and performance based compensation utilizing profit and cash receipts commission.  High level analysis is provided to evaluate sales, profitability and job cost. Efficient scheduling through Amtech’s Smart Plan modules keeps deliveries on time.  Easy to use report writers give the customer total flexibility in customizing reports and forms.  The powerful job costing module will aid Pacific Southwest Container in sorting out the winning orders from the losers.  An additional Imaginera© option includes allowing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with trading partners such as sheet and paper suppliers. Mobile applications help client’s sales force be more productive and manageable. Mobile devices and software for delivery captures customer signatures electronically for paperless trading transactions. 

Pacific Southwest Container can look forward to further utilize Imaginera© to decrease turnaround time for quotes, streamline order entry, save delivery costs and manage their overall business from order to cash more efficiently and profitability. 

Amtech Software is the box industry’s leading supplier of software solutions.  Over 50,000 box plant employees use Amtech Software every day.



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