Amtech Announces Subscription Pricing Options

by Tracy Rowland, on 10/6/21 2:30 PM

Amtech announces subscription pricing for their ScoreKeeper Production Monitoring Solution.  ScoreKeeper combines digital signage, real-time business intelligence, and reliable production monitoring into a powerful platform providing production management and operators with the data they need to increase efficiency and improve crew motivation.   

“Subscription pricing allows our customers to convert what would normally be a capital expense into an operating expense, which can be friendlier to cash flow,” states Michael DeNicola, Director of Customer Engagement. He continues, “ScoreKeeper has been widely implemented by both Amtech and non-Amtech users across North America, Europe, and Latin America.  Seamless integration into any system combined with immediate, meaningful data is making a difference.  We have customers who are experiencing upwards of 30% increase in efficiency in as little as thirty days after implementation.”

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