Logistics & Inventory Management

  • Optimize operational planning, and inventory management.
  • Gain visibility into your most important cost factor-your inventory.
  • Manage waste more efficiently.
  • Reduce errors and eliminate unnecessary paper trails.
  • Decrease your time to invoice while fast-tracking cashflow.

Electronic Scanning

Receive Raw Materials Electronically

Scan Vendor Load Tags on Truck or Dock

Print Bills of Lading from Forklift

Age Raw Materials 

Scan Bin Location & Units

Electronic Receipt of Returned Goods


Enhance Scheduling w/ Real-Time Data

Stay Ahead of WIP Inventory

Improve Tracking & Traceability

Eliminate Errors



 Inventory Management

Raw Material Aging

Manage Inventory and Finished Goods

Expedite, Move & Track Inventory 
Remote Warehouse, Plant, Customer 

Consignment Inventories



Correct Inventory On Hand

Know Inventory Location

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Eliminate Lost Units


Roll Stock Inventory


Roll Stock Supply Chain Management

Automated Order Decision Making

Tack Movement of Rolls 

Properly Categorize Rolls

Delivers Real-Time Information


Proactively Manage Roll Stock Inventory

Control Consumption Accuracy

Hold Vendors Accountable 

Improve Operational Performance

Produce Effective Runs


Scrap Management

Track Waste Electronically

TouchScreen Technology

Barcode Scanning

Reports by:

-Waste Type


-Date/Time Created

-Root Cause


Recover Missing Dollars

Implement Best Practices

Control Processes

Reduce Tracking Time



Mobile Logistics 3-1

Shipping & Delivery


Electronic Capture of POD

Transmit PODs Electronically

Map Out Delivery Route

Track Truck Location Electronically

View Real-Time Dock, Wait, Unload Times

Monitor Driver Performance



Eliminate Paperwork Trails

Hold Customer Accountable

Provide Real-Time Insight into Status

Improve Response Times


Analytics & Reports

Complete Integration

Real-Time Information

Drill Down into Details

Raw Materials

Roll Stock

Work In Progress

Waste Tracking

Truck/Trip ETA's

Inventory on Hand for Runs


Make Faster Decisions

Eliminate Multiple Reports

Gain System-Wide Visibility