Single Database-Multiple Plants

  • Manage operations between different states and countries with ease. 
  • Eliminate ineffective interface management between multiple locations and systems. 
  • Deliver a single database for intelligent decisions to be made at the global and plant level. 
  • Leverage location/department strengths and address low-performing areas.
  • Create consistency and implement best practices across the enterprise.
  • Reduce operational costs while addressing customer-specific needs.

Enterprise Pricing

Shared Master Tables:


Location Specific Cost Tables:


Cost Estimating/Quote by Location


 Eliminate Duplicate Entry

Enterprise Credit Management

Deliver Accurate Pricing

Compete Locally


Leverage Shared Resources

Flexibility for Grouping:

-Sales/Customer Services






Reduce Head Count

Eliminate Redundancy in Function

Improve Customer Responsiveness

Effectively Manage Global Accounts 


Maximize Equipment

Group Plants by Geography/Function

Multi-Plant Routing 

Balance Jobs

Track & View Inventory 


Simplify Scheduling

Provide Accurate Lead Times

Optimize New Equipment ROI

Utilize Inventory Effectively


Global Analytics

Real-Time Information

Dashboards & Analytics

Drill Down & Through

Global, Regional, Location

Plant, Machine, Run

Departments, Customer, Rep


Data for Business Performance

Increase Market Attractiveness

Quickly Make Informed Decisions

Leverage Locations Effectively


Merger & Acquisitions

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

Data Conversions-3rd Party Systems

3rd Party Interfaces & APIs

Multiple Time Zone Help Desk


Increase Attractiveness for Divesture

Lower Training Costs and Time

New Plants Integration

Inject Corporate Standards

Mobilize Employees


Cloud Hosting

Virtual Servers & Desktops
IP Phone Systems
Hosted Call Centers
Tailored to Your Needs
Secure Data Centers
Design, Create, Deploy Solutions
Disaster Recovery & Backups
Data Protection & Security

Remove IT Burden & Head Count

Easily Add/Remove Plants/Locations

Ensure Operational Uptime