Platinum Software Support

Proactive Partnership for Your Software.

Get the support you need when you need it.

For businesses looking for Amtech Software functional guidance and elevated support, Platinum Software Support is the right solution. Platinum Software Support provides Amtech customers engagement meant to generate conversations and subsequent actions for how best to align Amtech Software functionality with a customer’s business direction and strategy. With regular meetings, reporting, workflow reviews, quarterly training, and priority programming, your organization will be better prepared to fully leverage all the Amtech Software solutions as intended.

Gainthe Benefits

Gain the Benefits

  • Fully leverage your Amtech Solutions throughout your organization.
  • Have an experienced support partner that understands your unique business needs.
  • Identify and solve issues before they start with management from your designated representative.
  • Spot educational needs and provide quarterly “fine-tune” training for your staff.
  • Have a designated programming representative to assist with remediation toward your business needs.
  • Workflow evaluation and training reducing and/or eliminating the need for costly RFEs.
  • Move your support issues to faster resolution and avoid unnecessary costs.
Designated SupportRepresentative

Designated Support Representative

Your designated Support Representative will be an extension of your organization.

  • Develops a deep understanding of your business
  • Partners with you to align with strategic goals
  • Meets with you on a weekly/regular basis
  • Prepares and delivers monthly status reports
  • Provides feedback, analysis, and suggestions
  • Identifies potential training and education needs
  • Manages software and enhancement issues
Fine TuneTraining

Fine-Tune Training

Your designated Support Representative is tasked with ensuring that your staff and team is fully leveraging your Amtech systems.

  • Quarterly webinars based on identified needs
  • Perform training for further education of system
  • Topics reviewed and decided upon with your input
Focused Programming

Focused Programming

Focused programming will keep your Amtech systems running exactly how you need them to. 

  • Assigned lead programming resource
  • Attends planned customer meetings
  • Focused on your software remediation efforts

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