As your technology needs grow and the choices become more complex, the right people and expertise can make the difference.


The productivity of a company relies heavily on network performance, whether the organization consists of several corrugators, sheet plants and warehouses or a single sheet feeder. Implementing a network management strategy can help monitor every part of a company’s network on a consistent basis, detecting and resolving problems before most people will even know about it. This solution provides a means for security, access control, system upgrades, and policy enforcement.

As a software company, Amtech understands that not addressing network issues can not only negatively effect your business software system, but can also negatively affect everything from business profits to company morale. Amtech’s network management solutions provides your business with the freedom to control monthly IT costs while allowing you to maintain focus on your business, rather than your network. With a wide array of IT services, Amtech creates and supports reliable, scalable, secure, and stable networks, eliminating lingering issues to ensure optimum network performance. From remote network monitoring to 24/7 desktop support, Amtech offers a suite of IT service designed specifically for packaging companies, and guaranteed to keep customers safe and secure.


Remote Network Monitoring

At the core of Futura’s suite of Managed IT Services is the remote monitoring of key network equipment - such as your servers, firewalls and routers. Using the latest technology, we are able to monitor your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our certified technical support engineers know if you have a problem, often before you do, and they can initiate corrective action immediately, saving you valuable time and money on costly downtime.

We monitor your network with a Remote Monitoring Tool that sends us alerts when certain activities reach designated thresholds. If there is a critical alert raised, Futura engineers troubleshoot and fix the issue immediately, escalating the issue to the appropriate people when neccessary. Thresholds are set to monitor disk capacity, memory usage and CPU utilization to ensure your network stays up and running.

Also, as part of our Remote Monitoring services, we provide all customers with a monthly status report intended to give a summary of the overall network health, along with recommendations on improving network performance (if applicable).

Remote Data Backup Solutions

Reliable data backup and recovery is critical to today’s information-driven business world. And it can now be achieved quickly and easily with continuous data protection from Futura Services.

Futura offers Futura Backup, a complete data backup and recovery solution that’s customizable to your company’s needs. Whether you represent a large enterprise or a medium-to-small-size business, Futura fully automates and streamlines the protection of your data. Utilizing both local and off-site storage, we combine data protection, remote data access and file sharing to mitigate the risks of even traditional server backup methods. All to ensure the most complete coverage possible.

So whether your business experiences a small-scale loss like accidentally deleting a file or a full-fledge disaster such as a fire, tornado or flood, you can be assured that your valuable business data is safe and secure with Futura.

User-Friendly Convenience

  • Open File Backup
    Backs up files, even as they are being used, to limit server maintenance time.
  • Continuous Backup
    Combines transparent usability with unlimited recovery to allow for instant recall of data.
  • Online Access to Files
    Allows access to data anytime, anywhere through a web browser.
  • Data Compression
    Compresses data to maximize available bandwidth.
  • Bandwidth Usage
    Customizes how much bandwidth is being used.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Multi-Site
    Backs up all data, whether contained within one office or spread across the country, regardless of location.
  • Multi-Platform
    Supports backup on all varieties of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/UNIX.

Premium Security

  • Local & Off-Site Backups
    Stores data on local media for immediate accessibility, as well as off site for protection against disasters.
  • Data Encryption
    Protects clients and employees by encrypting data while being transmitted and stored.

Managed Hosting

While it’s a business necessity to grow your technology infrastructure along with your business, you’ll need a partner who understands just how critical that can be to your business. Our managed hosting solutions are designed, built, and maintained by teams of managed hosting experts. Whether you need a simple one to two server solution or a multiple load balanced server configuration with custom firewalls, it will still be closely monitored by our server engineering staff.

With a customized dedicated solution, you can rest assured the technology supporting your business is reliable, scalable, and expertly maintained by a team of server engineers. Our managed dedicated server hosting is about more than just servers, it’s about service.

The Difference Is Service

What’s the difference between our dedicated server solutions and those from other hosts? Easy - it’s the personal service you get from everyone here, at any hour of any day. Really. From the moment you contact us, our service mantra is evident. It’s obvious in our service level agreements, and it’s unmistakable in the lengths we go to exceed your expectations. Customer "delight" is our goal.

Everything we have powering your dedicated server solution, from the layout of our datacenter to the configuration of our network, has been meticulously researched, designed, and tested to exceed even the toughest industry standards. Stable, reliable, and flexible aren’t just buzz words to us - each is a critical component of how we operate the system that in turn powers your business.

Data Center Colocation

With three data centers - one in Philadelphia, PA, one in Fort Washington, PA and one in Las Vegas, NV - we can provide you with a secure, flexible, carrier-grade environment to colocate your Internet servers, data networking with direct access to a fast and scalable IP network. Our Data Center Colocation services deliver the connectivity and dedicated infrastructure with a high degree of control over the application itself, without the worry of the physical infrastructure or other non-core business issues.

Whether you choose simple colocation services or a range of added hosting or management services, we can help ease internal IT burdens and enhance performance levels while helping you avoid the expenses and risks associated with building and managing your own internal environment. With Futura’s Data Center Colocation, you can view, interact with, and manage your site at your convenience - 24x7x365. We offer competitive service level agreements that cover latency, packet delivery, connectivity, and installation.

We are committed to our customers by ensuring appropriate controls over our processes. Our Premium Data Centers include:

  • Customer Equipment Areas
  • Interconnection Options
  • Security and Client Access
  • Power Infrastructure and Distribution
  • Environmental Controls
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • High Density IT Equipment

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSS) are designed to help you enhance your information security posture, lower your total cost of ownership and demonstrate compliance. By partnering with Futura Services for the monitoring and management of your security operations, we will deliver a network security infrastructure that detects and blocks invasive software attacks and intruder access.

Our Managed Security Services deliver the expertise, tools and infrastructure you need to secure your information assets from internet attacks 24/7/365, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources. Access to the Futura Virtual Secure, a secure web-based management tool provides a single interface to easily monitor the security of your overall infrastructure of managed and unmanaged security devices.

With Managed Security from Futura, you benefit from improved operational, financial and strategic efficiencies across your enterprise:

  • Lower your total cost of ownership by saving up to 55% on information security management costs, allowing you to reallocate resources to other business objectives.
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with government and industry regulations through ongoing security monitoring and documented security policies and procedures.
  • Vendor neutral approach supports a variety of device types from many vendors including Cisco, IBM, HP, Juniper, McAfee and others.

Futura’s Managed Security Services provide 24/7/365 monitoring and management of the security technologies housed in your environment. By provideing a single management console and view of your entire security infrastructure, we allow you to utilize any device, vendor and service level to meet your individual business needs while drastically reducing your security costs, simplifying security management and accelerating your speed to protection.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

This day, many organizations are still taking the risk and keep out-of-date disaster recovery plans in place.

Futura can help you create an effective disaster recovery plan to ensure that you can continue doing business in the event of a system failure, outage or natural disaster. The size, complexity and level of detail varies dramatically in Disaster Recovery plans. We identify the objectives and goals, and then design a plan to meet/exceed the base criteria. Based on your company’s size, budget, legal or compliance requirements, and the amount of data stored by your organization, Futura will provide a customized disaster recovery/business continuity plan, which includes:

  • Network security audit and infrastructure assessment
  • Business impact and risk analysis
  • Backup and recovery implementation
  • Off-site replication and data storage recommendations
  • Documenation of policies and procedures

Our expert IT professionals and database consultants help construct holistic IT solutions, starting with the ground-level of your network infrastructure reaching to the delivery of data from company databases and business applications.

Futura can help you with every step of your disaster recovery solution, including:

  • Graph_TransparentPlanning – One of the most important stages of a disaster recovery implementation, including technology asset inventorying, risk assessment and analysis, and budgeting.
  • Design – During the design stage, all of the processes and procedures of the disaster recovery solution are developed, including system and application prioritization, network resiliency design, and backup/recovery and acquisition strategies. Design joins planning as one of the two most important stages of a disaster recovery implementation.
  • Implementation – All of the processes and procedures are put into place, along with any hardware or software that is part of the solution.
  • Documentation – All aspects of the solution are documented in detail to ensure ease of management and administration.
  • Post-Implementation – After the project is complete, periodic assessments and reporting should be implemented to ensure the solution remains viable.

Network Design & Integration

As your technology needs grow and the choices become more complex, the right people and expertise can make the difference between crippling your business and experiencing the growth you planned on. We are aware of the importance of properly integrating and managing your technology and ensuring that it delivers the value you are counting on. Futura's Internetworking services address the issues that our clients face when designing, implementing, and managing their networks. Through our implementation and support model, a client specific solution is developed to change a client’s network into a reliable, secure, highly-scalable performance network that will exceed current business requirements.

Services Model

Futura Services’ solutions span the network lifecycle from assessment of the network infrastructure to its implementation. The process involves the following:

  • Initial assessment
  • Development of business requirements
  • Enhanced security
  • New infrastructure architecture
  • Design of a network based on that architecture
  • Project management
  • Implementation of the new network
  • Continuing management and redesign of the network to meet evolving business needs

This model allows Futura to propose whatever is necessary to meet client’s business needs, from a complete management solution (all Phases) to discrete assessment or design and implementation services.

The following diagram highlights Futura's phased approach, along with some of the key tasks performed in each phase:

Advanced Network Transport- Wireless

Today’s business environments require mobility and always-on connectivity to compete, and, as such, business professionals must have on-demand access to their network, web and email. Most industries, including healthcare, education, hospitality and transportation have networking requirements where a wireless solution can deliver significant productivity and cost-savings benefits.

Anytime/anywhere access is the promise mobility brings: the ability to use the same applications you have access to from your desktop no matter where you are. The nature of wireless, unrestricted from physical barriers, brings with it an inherent challenge: security. Add to this the total cost of ownership, functionality and manageability and you realize that up until now wireless local-area network (WLAN) offerings have been unable to make the grade for the majority of enterprise customers.

Futura's longevity and experience as a leader in the practices of internetworking, security, wireless and managed IT services make us ideally suited to become the partner of choice for enterprise-wide deployments of mobility and wireless products and services. Wireless services from Futura include:

  • Wireless site survey and design
  • Wireless technology implementation
  • Wireless security
  • Administration and support
  • WLAN forensics and troubleshooting

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