Welcome to our catalog of on-site software training.

Select from the drop down lists to view the common module training available in each catalog. If you would like to speak to a member of our professional services staff, you may call anytime at 215-639-9540.

Office Functions

Customer Service

Customer Service training will help your company gain a deeper understanding of our most powerful module, enabling quick response within customer service. Training ranges from beginner tasks including finding customer information, managing customer requests and navigating screens to advanced reporting and analyzing the tools available for customer service managers to effectively run their department. Upon completion of this training you will ensure your customers are getting answers to their questions quickly and accurately.


Forecast training will teach you to tightly manage your finished goods inventory production and JIT programs. We will show you how the tool takes into account customer projections of usage, historical usage, component usage in sets, etc, to help you drive down on hand inventory, while maintaining adequate coverage.

Job Approval

Job approvals training teaches users how to create and leverage user-defined approvals for use in spec maintenance, order entry, and scheduling. Our analysts will show you the difference between a one time and a recurring approval and how to automatically create approvals for newly entered orders. Topics covered also included how to delegate responsibility for job approvals to different departments and keep the communication about the status of approvals up to date across your enterprise.


Inventory training will encompass the features in Imaginera that allow you to control your inventory. We preview the latest methods to get a quick and accurate accounting of your inventory quantities and costs including cycle counting, physical.exe, inventory valuation, and WIP. We will demonstrate why inventory reporting and valuation is so important to your bottom line and discuss how cost estimating plays an important role in your inventory evaluation. We will show you the different ways to set up Imaginera and the reports you can use to manage your business.

Table Maintenance

Table maintenance training will highlight the importance for maintaining and updating the system table that house the information that appears in the drop down boxes throughout the Imaginera system. We will help you understand and maintain these tables to insure all users are accessing the most up to date and accurate information possible. We will review of the status of all of the various check flags and explain what each of these flags control and how it can be applied to daily operations. Our goal is to allow you to immediately take advantage of new functionality, while insuring the accuracy of your data.

Physical Count

Imaginera's Physical Count training will help you speed up the process of inventory reconciliation and evaluation, and show how program directly links with our Physical.exe program so you can use right from your fork truck units. We even have a program for smaller hand held units. So whether or not you have barcode scanning units, Physical Count training can make your physical inventories much smoother. We will also discuss the impact of Vendor Managed Inventory.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order training includes a system overview from Raw Material allocations and PO Requisitions through receiving to purchasing reports. You will develop a broad understanding of Purchasing and the tables connected and utilized in Purchasing Management..

Returned Goods Authorization

Our RGA training takes you through using Imaginera to track complaints and customer returns. Our goal is to make sure you understand how to best use the link between credits and your inventory and discover how to track and analyze the costs of reworking and replacing products sold to your customers.

Production Functions


Learn directly from our staff how to use our unsurpassed delivery module, starting with shipment planning. The module tracks all your orders and releases from start to finish and lets the shipping manager know the order status and complete order information. We will go over all of the many powerful printouts to use in planning meetings to utilize your trailers, plus delivery has many strong tools to transfer, receive, and track shipments. Whether you use Top Gun or not, this training can help you fully utilize the delivery module on a daily basis.

Plant Data Entry

Plant data reporting is more than just accumulating time against your machines and orders. Our training will show you how fully implementing this module will assist in inventory management, production cost analysis and customer service. We will also demonstrate proper Production Efficiency and Utilization Reporting by Department, Machine, Crew, and Shift.

Smart Plan

Our Smart Plan training walks you through using Smart Plan and its many great features. We'll show you the connection when used alongside RPM at the machine centers. We demonstrate how live data can be at your command from viewing the schedule you set up as well as viewing exactly what they are currently running and the completion status. Our goal is to train you to make decisions immediately based on real-time data and be prepared react to situations as they happen.

Top Gun

Our Top Gun training takes you through one of our most exciting tools for your plant as we show you how to use Top Gun for daily inventory and warehouse processes. You will walk away from this training with a real appreciation of how Top Gun will handle your lift driver's ability to see information as it happens and when he needs it. We will discuss cycle counts and how they become a regular process for you to maintain accurate inventories while cutting down the time to take actual physical inventories.

Other Functions

Accounts Payable

Training for Accounts Payable includes setting up vendors, terms codes, cycles, and posting period setup as well as reviewing the configuration options. The user will also learn how to enter miscellaneous invoices as well as vouchering vendor invoices against purchase order receipts. Training will also include writing checks, reviewing A/P various reports, and understanding how the Accounts Payable module updates the General Ledger.

Accounts Receivable

When training in the Accounts Receivable module, the user will learn how to post all types of cash received including cash from customers, cash received in advance of shipment, and miscellaneous cash not related to customers. The user will also learn how to write off and/or adjust customer balances as well as offsetting credit memos against outstanding invoices.

General Ledger

During our General Ledger training, the user will learn how to create general journal entries, create allocation entries, and create various financial statement formats in order to product custom financial statements. Particular attention will be given to the various reports that can be run to analyze detail data or to give to auditors. The user will also learn how to set up budgets, create general ledger account codes, and posting periods. Month end and year end processes will also be covered.


Our training on the Invoicing module walks through the setup of customer preferences (by item, PO, BOL, etc.), reprinting via fax directly from the PC, and creating auto email invoices reduce paper and speed up payment cycles. We will also show you how to consolidate CSR activities, cross route and pull plant specific costs in multi-plant environments.

Job Costing

Our Job Costing training will give you a feel for making decisions for current and future cost models. We will then help you understand profitability by job and machine utilization for future investments. By the completion of the training you will have the ability to see the job transactions taking place daily and make decisions before your costs soar.


Payroll training will step the user through the process to create employee records as well as the pay codes necessary to process pay runs. The user will be shown how to process a pay run as well as various reports available to ensure that earnings and deductions are correctly calculated. Particular attention will be paid to governmental reporting requirements and year end processing.

Sales Analysis

During our Sales Analysis training, we review reports for different measures of profitability. Our intent will be to give users an understanding of how these reports can aid you to accurately analyze and build your business successfully. By doing so, you will better see the trends and be able to make smarter decisions.

Time Accounting

Time Accounting training will give you a broader understanding on how to retrieve employee information to allow managers and supervisors to determine how employees are deployed. While on-site we will demonstrate the latest way to clock your employees in and out using Time Accounting to speed up the process. We will also save you money by showing how to avoid other employees from clocking in for each other and save correction time when reviewing data, and to automate payroll processing to outside payroll services or internal payroll processing.