Take back control of inventory and keep up with customer demand through warehouse management solutions.


In order to keep up with customer demand and proactively respond to it, it has become imperative that manufacturers implement a barcode-based warehouse management system. If effective, the warehouse management system has the potential to drastically improve the inventory management process, from lowering the cost of inventory management to reducing overhead.

Amtech offers manufacturers the ability to control, simplify and manage their inventory to better minimize excess stock and fulfill orders on time. With EnCore, manufactures can conveniently control the movement, storage and accounting of materials and finished goods throughout the warehouse -- shortening physical inventory time. EnCore provides real-time integration with scheduling, manufacturing management and sales to eliminate batch data. Amtech's TopGun extension enhances the functions of EnCore’s inventory management through the use of barcodes and scanners to collect and automate data. Through TopGun, manufactures can utilize barcodes and labels to collect, manage and track inventory movement and transactions through tablets, hand-held scanners or other mobile devices. Transactions are entered in real-time and data is collected simultaneously. The faster recognition of production and inventory changes reduces time spent at dedicated work stations and dramatically improves accuracy of data input. Amtech improves customer service with 100% real-time updates to inventory information that is made available to all departments, including customer service, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and receiving.


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Core ERP System

Multiple warehouse support with control stock at ticket, bin and warehouse levels.

Products Topgun

Bar Coded Inventory

Manage inventory with advance bar code scanning from the seat of a fork lift.

Products Customerportal

Online Order Portal

Customers view real-time inventory on-hand and re-order with a single click.