A comprehensive suite of financial tools built for packaging companies including powerful estimating and accurate costing.


Financial management is a cornerstone of business, and today’s financial software systems will allow for complete command of financial data and offer plant owners a genuine reflection of their business performance. With key functionalities that reduce time spent compiling, reconciling and consolidating data, implementing the right financial management software can effectively track transactions and value to create consistency and visibility throughout the company. These practices help build the foundation for a successful business strategy by allowing financial executives to forecast future events identify new business opportunities.

With powerful financial capabilities incorporated within Amtech's core ERP system and extensions modules, manufacturing plants can centralize all financial information and make it readily accessible to end-users and customers alike, boosting order accuracy and consistency.

The core system – EnCore - provides the applications necessary to handle basic and complex accounting, job costing, invoicing, and sales analysis. The powerful add-on modules extend the core functionality to field workers and tie core business processes such as production, inventory, sales, and delivery into the financial management portfolio.


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Core ERP System

Featuring powerful cost estimating tools and centralized AR, AP, and general ledger.

Products Mobilelogistics

Automatic Invoicing

Speed up cash flow with electronic signature capture and proof of delivery.

Products Customerportal

Online Order Portal

Allow customers to view open invoices and download delivery receipts.