Eliminate paper-related challenges with an electronic document management system.


A typical employee will spend nearly 40% of their time searching through emails, documents and shared hard drives for information. Managers will spend an average of four weeks per year waiting on or looking for documents that have been misfiled or mislabeled. Statistics like these only confirm the reality that document management is a serious issue in many companies. With today's technology, paper-related pains should be a thing of the past. A document management software is a valuable technological solution for any company, but it can be especially valuable in a plant environment.

Amtech's Retrieve extension offers packaging plants a comprehensive, easy-to-use document management system. Through Retrieve, companies can store and retrieve all important documents through a secure server. Now, companies can spend less time locating documents by electronically retrieving them without leaving their desk. Eliminate the stress of losing paper files that are vulnerable to fire, flood, and theft by having an easy back-up disaster recovery system that provides failsafe archives for all your files. The same information that was once stored as paper, can now be distributed to customers and target audiences electronically, improving customer service and satisfaction. Increase your work flow and your cash flow by increasing productivity of processing document-based processes and reducing the time it takes to complete them. Implementing Document Management software will give businesses the competitive edge to surpass competitors.

Retrieve eliminates the stress of maintaining documents, getting invoices paid on time, and the cost of routing documents for remote approvals.


Products Retrieve

The Paperless Plant

Advanced electronic document storage system creates a lean, paperless plant.

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Electronic Signature

Capture electronic signatures and automatically email proof of delivery.

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Bar Coded Inventory

Track and manage inventory movement using advanced bar code scanning.