Enhance the customer experience with integrated web and mobile tools that connect you to your ERP system.


In today’s Internet-focused world, consumers have more authority and less patience than ever before. The importance of the customer experience cannot be overemphasized, and it has become vital that businesses optimize their customer service operations to fuel innovation and growth. To achieve growth, companies must focus efforts on their core customers. For many businesses, core customers only make up 10% of the customer base, but 80% of a company’s profit. These are the customers that businesses must pursue and implement new solutions for.

A company’s ability to offer customers the right service, tools and products for work and communication management is the difference between maintaining and losing accounts. Through the use of innovated and purpose built software tools and technology, companies can improve business processes and develop a relationship with customers that is mutually beneficial.

Amtech’s software solutions are designed to enhance the customer experience and help packaging manufacturers deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost. With applications that increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction, Amtech software was built to dynamically integrate with your supply chain and your customers, all in real-time.


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Core ERP System

The core system featuring powerful set of tools for superior customer service.

Products Customerportal

Online Order Portal

Making it easier for your company to do business via a customer web-portal.

Products Mobilesales

Mobile Sales App

Customer and account data available anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet.