When you combine the Amtech Converting Set up Manager, Tag Manager, Planning Board and Shipping Manager you also get advanced Work in process management functionality.

The additional functionality includes load level tracking from the point of creation until it is loaded for delivery. This allows you to quickly search your entire work in process inventory for loads, orders and customer goods. When setting up an order on a converting machine, you will no longer need to search the shop floor for the loads needed. Lost loads will no longer be left on the floor after the order has been produced on a converting machine. Missed loads either become waste or require a second set up to convert the remaining product.

Since units are tracked directly into the WIP storage using bar code technology, you will always know where everything for an order is. Each load is marked with date, time and crew identification of corrugation production.

Combining the above functionality with the detailed information provided by Planning Board allows you have better waste tracking accuracy.

Additionally, shortages are more easily forecasted allowing actions to be taken before orders are produced. If stock becomes missing between creation and converting, the system will record the amount of missing sheets.

Accurate Sheet Count for each load

Track Each Load by Location

No More Lost Stock


  • Information regarding every load is captured at the time of creation or receipt.
  • The history of every event occurring to a load is recorded and available for review.
  • Early detection of overages or shortages allows actions to be taken before it’s too late.
  • Easy access to all information about a single load or an entire order is available real-time.
  • Complete tracking of sheets back to the exact corrugating time and date allows for better waste tracking.
  • Tracking Supplier Reliability of Sheet Suppliers is fast and simple.
  • Financial Evaluation can be custom to your facility.
  • Interfaces with any system requiring information about your finished goods inventory.
  • Fast, easy and accurate cycle counts.
  • All input is performed via bar codes and touch screens.


IP Tags are automatically produced at the sheet receiving location, corrugator and any converting machine which is not the final operation. These tags are added to the WIP inventory. When the goods are finished a Finished Goods tag is created and the stock is removed from the WIP Inventory.
Any item may be placed into Quarantine insuring it won’t be converted until the Quarantine is removed.
Cycle Counts can be taken for any single location which will allow continued inventory accuracy to be maintained. If goods are removed that have not been converted then a waste record is made for those goods.
If additional product is produced that cannot be accounted for by the consumed stock, a record is made for management review.
When purchasing sheets, finished goods or outside processes exact information regarding quantities allows better supplier management and provides a basis for receiving credit for bad product received from suppliers.
This advanced Amtech Work in Process Management is a great example of the value that combining accurate scheduling information, detailed inventory data and customer requirements can bring to your facility.
The information which the system collects and stores can easily be communicated to other systems which have data requirements.
For accounting purposes, the system allows custom evaluation metrics to be applied and a report and journal voucher to be created.


When you combine the Amtech Converting Set up Manager, Tag Manager, Planning Board and Shipping Manager you also...

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When you combine the Amtech Converting Tag Manager, Planning Board and Shipping Manager you also get advanced...

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