The Amtech Setup Manager is a graphics-based computer software application designed to effectively manage your corrugator production schedule. The schedule, which consists of a listing of individual dry end order and machine setup data, can be obtained automatically from a computerized trimming and/or scheduling system or entered by hand. Based on production requirements, the Setup Manager transfers the information needed for each setup to the Amtech corrugator control computer, which in turn downloads the data to the various machine components. Eliminating the need to key in setup information at each machine simplifies the dry end workload, prevents data entry errors, and increases the amount of time operators can concentrate on quality and production.

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Direct Communications from Solutions to the Corrugator


  • Allows multi-user access using any device with Internet access.
  • Automates communication of setups and orders thus eliminating the need to hand key in setup information.
  • The Setup Manager&Reg; is designed to communicate with all corrugators, control systems and Core Business Systems.
  • Provides a GUI and is easy for both keyboard and mouse users, utilizing Windows&Reg;.
  • Manages the distribution of real-time information throughout the network eliminating the need to “synchronize”.
  • Provides reliable single point entry/editing to all of the corrugator equipment, and reliable interfacing with any scheduling system to eliminate redundant entry.
  • Provides a graphical view for operators to see where outs and scores fall at a glance.
  • Flexible architecture supports custom interfaces, filters and validators to be turned on or off at any time.
  • Provides exceptional stability via three-tier architecture.


The Setup Manager runs on an Ethernet based network and offers multi-user access to the centralized database of information. Dry End Operators, Plant Schedulers, Sales Personnel, the Production Manager and others can all use the Amtech Setup Manager software at the same time to review orders and monitor corrugator activity on a real-time basis. If information is modified at one station, the change is instantaneously distributed to all stations on the network.

The Setup Manager operates under Microsoft Windows, making it easy to learn and use. Graphical buttons represent the primary functions available in the system and are accessed using a simple click of the mouse.


The functionality and appearance of the Setup Manager is completely configurable at the local level and multiple applications can be running concurrently at various locations throughout the plant. Access rights for all users including supervisors, operators in the control room, at the knife, slitter/scorer, etc. are configurable. This assures proper security of order information and ensures all users have the information required to do their jobs. Using the Amtech Setup Manager software, individuals can manipulate order information that has already been sent to the corrugator from the trimming application.
Operators can delete, edit, move, copy, insert, and/or re-run setups with ease. Modifications can be made to the absolute and relative score positions and orders can easily be split or swapped between knife levels. Setups can be marked hot to indicate production urgency or flagged to indicate special attention is required. Each type of setup is color coded for easy identification.


Detailed production history is available for any order that has been run. A user can view the date and time the setup began running, when it was completed, total pieces produced for each order, scrap cuts, percentage over or under the scheduled cuts and the average run speed for the order.

Current run information is provided to help users track the production progress of the dry end order currently being run. Knife cuts and lineal footage update in real-time.

The Totals function supplies a realtime view of the total lineal footage, manufacturing area, run duration and knife cuts for a group of selected setups and the entire order queue.

Configurable shift calendars are included in the system to ensure all production is recorded to the proper shift.


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Effectively manage your corrugator production schedule.