Advanced Planning Board

Frame 13 2APB is an automated and integrated plant planning system. Utilizing an automated method to assign point/cost/time-basis for automated scheduling, it sorts order operations at machine centers assuring total balance and optimization of your operational workload. This simplifies the day-to-day tasks of your scheduler and ensures better operational performance to deliver orders, on-time, to your customer.

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Assure Total Balanceand Organization

Assure Total Balance and Organization 

  • Optimize your operational workload
Simplify JobScheduliing

Simplify Job Scheduling

  • Ensure better operational performance
Utilize Point Cost Time basis

Utilize Point /Cost/Time-Basis

  • For automated scheduling

Increase Throughput.

Integrated Scheduling


  • Delivers automated schedules developed from an intelligent point/cost/time system that considers your entire business.
  • Assures proper balance at your machine centers across your organization.
  • Optimizes operational workloads toward orders, inventory, and machinery.
  • Simplifies the tasks of your scheduler to be more efficient and strategic for your business.
  • Provides real-time, not near-time, information and visibility across your entire organization through complete integration.
  • Improve your bottom-line operational and business performance.
  • Deliver on-time and correct delivery to your customers.

Electronic flags can be added as “special messaging” to orders for areas such as press-ready, dies approved and materials. This improves cross-departmental communication, electronically, to keep jobs on track and on schedule.


  • Raw Material and WIP Availability
  • Machine and Job Status
  • Capacity Availability
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Urgent Orders
  • Delivery Status
  • Unscheduled Orders





Improve Load Balancing

Flexible point Formula System

Flexible Point & Formula System

The Converting Scheduling engine operates off of a sophisticated and flexible point system, based on assigned formulas to support a push and/or pull planning culture depending on business needs through rules established.  The system encapsulates operational logistics across your entire operation and appropriately prioritizes orders and reserves machine time.  With flexibility, order characteristics are weighted to generate the perfect schedule that optimizes proper load balance and throughput. 


Dynamic Scheduling

Using point-based calculations, the system considers historical information for establishing set-up and run speeds delivering an accurate view of the schedule. If an unscheduled downtime event occurs, the system will dynamically reschedule maximizing all available machines. Schedulers can then run quick “what if” scenarios to see the impact on entire operations and schedule. Lineups can be modified from any location-mobilizing the scheduler.

Machine and LoadBalancing

Machine & Load Balancing

Machine balancing is accomplished by using alternate/“like” machines determined by historical run information. This supports immediate decision-making, based on real-time information, for improved capacity management.

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