Corrugator Control Systems

Producing high quality board at the optimal speed are the goals of a corrugating operation. Waste reduction and high productivity are the economic results.

Qualitek’s Production and Quality Control Systems are designed to automatically control board quality and optimize production resulting in reduced waste and higher machine speeds with a minimum of manual input.

Providing instant feedback to the operating crews in terms of how they are performing against goals (scoreboards) are provided by Qualitek’s Visual Performance Management products. Such products are informational and motivational to the corrugating crews.

Qualitek’s Monitoring Products are cost-effective ways of getting started in the quality and productivity enhancements of a corrugating plant.

Qualitek’s Optimization and Reporting products keep management updated on corrugator performance and KPI’s (key performance indicators).

Production Control System (PCS)

Optimally operates the wet end of the corrugator with functions such as: bridge controls, end of roll splicing, butt roll minimization, synchronized splicing and automatic initiation of the order change on a paper change. Corrugator speed is maximized consistent with board quality and order constraints.

Quality Control System (QCS)

Runs the corrugator at the “best-run-settings” (recipes) for every grade to produce quality board from the start. Controls heat applied by adjusting wrap arms, doublefacer ballast and hot plate steam zones. Also controls the metering roll gaps at the singlefacers and glue machine. Best run settings are updated as required by the operator or automatically.

Quality Control System Lite

This is a starter Quality Control System which is limited to certain areas of the corrugator such as the doublebacker preheaters, doublefacer ballast, etc. Controls are recipe-based and are identical to the Quality Control System. The system can be expanded to include other areas such as the glue machine, singlefacers, etc.

Bridge Speed Controls

The speed of the singlefacers are matched to the doublebacker while maintaining an operator enterable target amount of paper on the bridge – a valuable means for controlling warp. The operator can initiate filling of the bridge before a splice and a slow down to splice speed. The system can be modularly expanded to the Production Control System.

Visual Management Displays


Corrugator Scoreboard

Qualitek’s Flat Screen Corrugator Scoreboard Display enhances corrugator productivity by providing instant visibility on corrugator metrics – speed (current, average, goal), shift lineal and lineal to the next paper change, shift downtime, number of stops and even your own customized message.

Dry End and Wet End Marquees

Qualitek’s Flat Screen Marquee Displays for the wet end and dry end improve efficiency of the corrugator crews by providing enhanced visibility of important information to the appropriate individuals on the corrugator. Information on paper requirements and specifications for the order are displayed in multiple screens to give operators an instant view of what is required for them to deliver paper or to do their board checks as required for the order.

Monitoring Products

QualiTemp Monitor

The QualiTemp Monitor assists corrugator operators in centerlining the heat on the corrugator either by adjusting preheater wraps or doublebacker ballast / steam as required. It provides a visual display of paper temperatures at the corrugator. An optional dual alarm light stack indicates high or low temperature limit violations.


CorrVisor is a starter real time supervisory monitoring system that assists operators in making the right adjustments to the corrugator to achieve optimal conditions via the “best run settings” for each board grade. The system utilizes feedback from real time measurements of temperatures, speeds, metering roll gaps, etc. compares these to the best run settings and visually indicates to operators the changes that should be made.


Qualitek’s Q-Alert (Quality Alert) is an easy to install system for monitoring, displaying and alarming individual temperatures of corrugator components such as the hot plates, corrugating and pressure rolls and preheaters. An optional E-Stop Display provides an instantaneous status of all corrugator equipment stop circuits.

Optimization and Reporting

Umax – Production and downtime monitoring

Umax provides a real-time view of corrugator performance. It is a tool for maximizing the Utilization or Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the corrugator by maintaining reasons for downtime and speeds below goal. It displays real time metrics such as lineal produced, downtime, actual speed vs goal speed and generates production reports for the shift which provide management with the data for improving operations.

Web Reporting

Qualitek’s Web Reports provide the easiest way for you to monitor the running of your corrugator from any computer on your Intranet. This comprehensive set of reports enables you to assess corrugator productivity, quality and mechanical or operational opportunities for improvement. The reports have something for everybody – management, production, quality assurance and maintenance

Qualitek Anywhere

Qualitek Anywhere™ provides visibility into your corrugating operations from your web browser (desktop or tablet) or smart phone–no matter where you are!

Enhance your corrugator plant.