The SUPERCORR EXPO: A Great Chance “Show our Customers the Money”

by John Clark, on 8/8/16 9:06 AM

The EXPO in Orlando FL October 17-20 is an amazing opportunity to introduce new products and display all our company has to offer to both current customers and hopefully future ones. Historically it has been a terrific place to build opportunities, gain brand awareness and make deals. Our experience has been a real ROI in terms of all our business objectives.


Probably more important than achieving our goals it gives us an opportunity to meet with boxmakers and packaging companies to see what’s on their minds, challenges they are facing and match them up with products and services that can take them to the next level. Many attendees tend to be a bit more diverse than the people we would meet in a typical sales interaction at a plant. The length of the expo also affords our customers and us an opportunity to dig deeper into the details to establish how we can benefit from working together.


What is great about the show are the diverse attendees it draws. With such a wide-ranging program, there is something for everyone. Technical sessions grow peoples knowledge of the industry along with introducing members to KPI’s and best of breed methodologies. The workshops are attractive in that they are very specific opportunities to focus on a key issue facing the industry. Naturally, the biggest draws are the new sessions (we cannot wait to show off our products) that highlight the technical advances to propel member companies forward. Then finally, where else would you gain so much information and have all that expertise in one place at the same time. The Networking opportunities are world class.


The real energy though is “IN THE BOOTH”. No matter the size or location, attendees can find jewels on display. From the proverbial “Diamond in the rough” to the “Hope Diamond” innovations, shine brightly. The synergy between exhibitors is an important value as well. In today’s technology, you will have vendors collaborating to produce a single Solution. Interfaces are a key component to getting multiple platforms to work in harmony. Having access to all these vendors in one-place opens up a world of potential to examine not only single threaded products but also a final solution. It is easy to do side by side comparisons in a very timely manner. Given that there are so many packaging companies walking the floor it’s easy to obtain vendor recommendations and lessons learned while onsite.


“Our company’s strategy in to staff our booth with a multi-disciplined team that is prepared to answer any questions that may arise and to determine Best of Breed Solutions for any attendee that takes the time to meet with us”, stated Amtech President Cosmo DeNicola. Since we are not an equipment company we focus on staffing several demo stations so we can show real-time software solutions in a comfortable and professional manner. Over our 35-year membership in the AICC we always came away from these expos with real value to our company and our customers.


So feel free to stop by pull up a chair and challenge us to design a solution to your most perplexing issue or opportunity.



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